the chosen

one don’t try to dismiss the importance

of this

message because yesterday what we have

received from the Lord is probably the

heaviest words for the entire world in

all those who are present here be

glad that you are chosen by God and God

is placing a serious responsibility on

your shoulders to spread his words and

make people

aware as much as you

can before I reveal to you what I heard

the Lord say I would like to pray to the

Holy Spirit to invite his presence at


moment I thankful Jesus for this

meaningful moment as I get ready to

share prophetic words and prophecies for

everyone in expectation of a profound

encounter I extend my thanks father God

welcoming the Holy Spirit into this

space Jesus I submit to your will for

there’s nothing that matches your

unmatched with I offer my praises to you

recognizing your goodness

my king of kings and Lord of

lords Holy Spirit I pray that you would

cause this video to find exactly who

it’s supposed to find and I pray that

you would help me to deliver what you

have put on my heart in Jesus Christ’s


amen now these are the exact words I

heard in my spirit

as God told me to make his people aware

of this upcoming attack from the devil

that will change the pattern of human

lifestyle in the days to

come I heard the Lord

say to my beloved sons and daughters and

the body of Christ

worldwi I am speaking to you to warn

everyone about the next move of the

devil I the Lord your God am alerting

every living

individual in the world to be prepared

for a new

disorder a never ever seen

disorder that will change the entire

system of the world is coming by the end

of this year


yourselves for a new disorder that is

set to disrupt the

behaviors and worldly systems upon which

so many have come to

depend this is not a physical Affliction

but a sismic shift in the way the world

operates a change that will affect every

aspect of human societ

Society by the end of this

year the world as you know it will begin

to experience this unprecedented


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