This is Your Time to Rise

my dear child you are being drawn by a loving call as you pause and listen let the

profound significance of this moment envelop you this is no ordinary message but a

direct communication from the heart of your creator to yours you are standing on sacred ground

my child for I am Reaching Across The Heavens to touch your life personally and

profoundly imagine just for a moment that the Creator of the universe has

paused to speak with you to enter into your day with a message crafted perfectly for your heart and your

circumstances feel the weight of that love the kind of love that knows your deepest needs hears your silent prayers

and understands the burdens you carry I am fully attuned to your struggles your

health concerns your whispered fears and I am here to offer you not just words

but my very presence to all who feel weary to everyone

carrying the heavy load of this life hear me now I am extending an invitation

for you to come and find rest allow my peace to settle over you like the

gentlest of cloaks shielding you from the turmoil of the world here in my presence find the

strength to face another day the courage to continue believing despite the odds

and the assurance that you are never never ever alone this is a Divine rendevu my

beloved here Let My Words ignite The Embers of Faith within you let them be

the balm for your weary soul and the spark that lights up your path I am speaking directly to you yes you who

long for signs of my love and evidence of my power open your heart wide for you are

about to experience the profound depths of my care and the unmistakable reality

of my promises fulfilled stand firm in this truth Embrace this moment of divine Clarity

and watch as I transform your trials into triumphs your fears into

Faith this is your time to rise empowered and enveloped by a love that

the world cannot give and cannot take away so come draw nearer still and let

us journey together from this stay forward dismiss all doubt from your life this

instant avoid the chill of spiritual indifference do not let your heart grow

cold like others might remember all that we have endured together I have guided

you through numerous trials and you have witnessed profound Miracles no matter the situation I will

lead you out of it as well even if others doubt or circumstances seem daunting I will

deliver you as I have pledged your future is not dictated by

fleeting emotions or the opinions of others I say this to you plainly so you don’t squander your energy on idle

gossip or succumb to the jealousy of others they may claim that you are undeserving of blessings or Express

surprise at your sudden fortunes instead of heeding their words

step into my presence here I will show you the correct path imbuing you with wisdom and

the patience to withstand the jealousy of detractors as you await my blessing keep

your heart filled with peace and joy I will provide for all your needs

but you also must Play Your Part act responsibly man

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