my beloved

child I know you’ve been walking a

difficult Road feeling lost and in pain

but today I want you to feel my

unconditional love surrounding you

bringing you the Deep peace and strength

you need to keep going release any guilt

or shame you’ve been carrying and let my

love fill your heart completely you are

forgiven completely and utterly

forgiven come to me and start fresh

knowing that I here to save you you are

worthy of all the love blessings and joy

I long to give you because you are my

precious child even when you face

hardships lack and opposition I will

never leave your side I will always

provide for your needs do not be afraid

for your life and your family are

securely in my care in the midst of your

greatest challenges I offer you a love

that knows no bounds keep fighting my

child keep persevering your prayers your

sleepless nights your tears none of it

is in vain it will all bear fruit and

turn into incredible blessings change is

coming to your family even if you can’t

see it yet don’t lose hope keep sewing

seeds of Faith even when you’re weary


discouraged one day everyone will see

you emerge Victorious reaping a harvest

from all you’ve

endured you may not understand it now

but deep down you know you can’t give up

your future is safe in my

hands I will take care of you but I need

you to keep

believing your unwavering faith is the

foundation for the many blessings that

are about to flood your life slow down

today and make time to seek me let my

spirit fill you up and receive all I

have in store for you breathe in my

peace and focus the strength I’m giving

you on every area of your life life your

relationship with me your loved ones

your dreams and goals the purpose I’ve

called you

to let my words settle deep in your soul

and be etched on your heart know that my

Fierce love for you will protect you in

all I’ve given you defeat is not an

option in the days to come when you feel

overwhelmed and tempted to give up

remember that even though your emotions

may be in turmoil I have the final say I

will hold your hand and keep you from

sinking I will come to your rescue and

lift you up my love for you is vast and

unending Throw your arms wide open for

the massive blessings headed your way

you are shielded and provided for by my

grace and

love recognize this truth and overflow

with gratitude things you’ve lost and

grieved will be restored to you family

members who have been estranged will

have a change of heart and come back

realizing their mistakes and it’s good

that you too have seen where you went

wrong and changed course it’s beautiful

that you’ve chosen to return to the

right path the enemy tried to destroy

your life and steal your joy and

blessings but you were never meant to

stay in that dark place your repentance

will be rewarded with my favor and

goodness you still have so much life

ahead of you and it’s meant to be lived

well keep learning from me me and

building your faith in my promises and


word with me you will conquer armies

that come against you scale walls meant

to block you and Achieve The Impossible

at just the right time when you feel

like you’ve reached the end of your rope

you will see my mighty hand parting the

sea making a way in the wilderness and

pouring out tremendous

blessings in the toughest times run to

me for safety and


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