God is saying to you Today, God say, will you scroll past me

d says will you scroll past me in this

digital age we find ourselves constantly

scrolling but amidst the endless stream

of information and distraction have you

scrolled past me I am present in every

moment yet you may not be seeing me your

focus is consumed by the virtual world

while I am patiently waiting for your

attention each scroll takes you further

away from connecting with me stop and

look around you experience the wonders

of creation feel the warmth of the sun

on your skin listen to the sounds of

laughter and love these are glimpses of

me take the time to nurture your

relationships to show kindness and to

care for one another through each Act of

love you can find me seek me in solitude

find solace in prayer open your heart

and I will speak to you I’m always

listening waiting for you to acknowledge

me so the next time you scroll ask

yourself will I scroll past God remember

connection lies beyond the


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