I’m Always Beside You

my precious child do not be swayed by

fear for you are already blessed beyond

measure soon the trials that weigh

heavily upon your soul will dissipate

like Mist under the morning sun be

assured that my promise stands firm I am

always beside you guiding your steps

protecting you and enveloping you in my


Love Like the Sun that breaks through

the clouds after a storm my light will

clear your path and guide you to a Haven

of Peace and

calm trust in the vastness of my love

and strength which Eclipse any

challenges you may

encounter I am everpresent enriching and

fortifying your spirit I understand your

struggles and I urge you now to wipe

away your tears and approach me with


confidence no matter where you find

yourself simply close your eyes call out

to me and I will

respond whether your plea is borne out

of desperation or uttered in a gentle

whisper know that I am

listening Miracles unfold when your

faith is

kindled delve into my word embrace the

sacred promise I have made if you

believe in me and saturate your heart

with my teachings you will see wonders

manifest through your faith and prayers

cast aside fear and never lose heart ask

and you shall receive place your hand

hands upon the ailing and I will bring

healing stand against the storms of life

Financial strains and Discord banish

strife and enmity from your dwelling

speak my word with reverence and

unwavering Faith remember with me no

Miracle is beyond reach my desire is to

bless you abundantly to deepen your

understanding of my teachings and to

infuse your heart with

courage fear not the threats from those

outside your family

Circle many wander in solitude their

hearts hardened by sin prowling like

Restless Lions seeking to disrupt and

plunder innocent

lives yet you and your loved ones are

called to stand guard to raise your

hands in worship and to invoke my holy

name in prayer as I hear your faithful

cries your adversaries will be forced to

turn back and flee tomorrow a awaken

with a renewed spirit this is the moment

to refresh your thoughts to reject all

negativity and to commit wholeheartedly

to seeking me regardless of the

circumstances despite past failings I

assure you my child there is Everlasting

hope for you and your

family everyone is capable of

transformation I know there are times

when your spirit grows weary and Others

May Drift from their faith but remember

I am always always here read to forgive

to purify your heart and soul and to

strengthen You Against The Temptations

of this world should you stumble I am

here to lift you to welcome your return

with a heart poised for repentance and

transformation my arms remain open


waiting I understand the challenges of

humanity the struggle of living in a

world that can tarnish even the purest

of intentions

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