My Arms Are Open for You

my child rest here in the warmth of my love and care Savor this Divine

encounter open your heart to the soothing comfort that my spirit imparts to you I am here to fill your heart with

joy accept and cherish this blessing i bestow upon you While others wander lost

and uncertain not yet trusting in the Embrace of a living Sovereign God who

yearns to touch them and instill a new purpose within their lives you are

experiencing ing a profound moment of love and forgiveness in your soul you feel a

warmth a healing emotion that soothes your past enriches your present and

launches you toward a future filled with Abundant Blessings remember this is our

secret cling to my hand with your honest faith and whether you soar run or walk I

will never let you go resist The Whispers of doubt that seek to loosen your

grasp hold fast to this sacred Embrace that will sustain you through the chill of Night and the blaze of day even if

you tread through Flames or your steps sink into snow I will ensure no trial or

conflict overwhelms you I am fortifying your faith with my words when the next tear Trails down

your cheek recall the peace and joy that resonate from my voice know that I have

never Departed that my spirit will always cherish you many may have judged

you harshly casting Stones due to your past each judgment they cast brings only

Darkness upon themselves their fires extinguish their faith Fades and the

malice they Harbor corrupts their souls leading them astray forgive them pray for them but do

not plead for their acceptance or companionship do not pursue those who betray

instead embrace my pure and unwavering love ever sincere and heartfelt here in

my presence you are forever cherished and eternally embraced here I am as I always have been

waiting to envelop you in my love whenever you seek me imagine the joy of the angels as they

celebrate each step you take back toward this blessed path you are meant to walk

you are stepping steing into a realm where yesterday’s conflicts and resentments have no hold here only Noble

thoughts uplifting aspirations and sacred desires flourish let go of the negative Notions

that diminish your value and threaten your peace such thoughts find no refuge

here this is a land of Miracles and though it may seem hard to believe or

understand especially if you haven’t witnessed true Faith embodied what if you become the example that others are

seeking what if you Embrace this Challenge and allow me to transform you into someone whose love for me blesses

and guides their loved ones along the path of mercy and goodness your bond with me transcends

mere traditions and rituals while all your acts of devotion are beautiful and bring me joy it is

your heart that I truly desire and seek I do not favor those who maintain a OD

thinking they can deceive me they may show the world a face of Purity but inwardly they are marred by

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