I Will Smile If You Watch | God Message Today| God Message Now

my friend Jesus went before us and paved

the way for victory Because He Lives we

can live in Victory in this life and in

eternity not only can we live in Victory

we can help others live in Victory too

we can help the people around us and we

can help the people who are coming after

us we can store up Mercy peace and

blessings for future Generations the

life we live should make it easier for

the people after us by living a life of

Excellence we are leaving a mark for

future Generations

and really that’s what matters most in

eternity it’s good to leave an

inheritance but the most valuable thing

you can leave on this Earth is a legacy

of Faith a prayer for today father today

I choose to focus on Eternal things I

choose to store up a legacy of Faith

Mercy excellence and hope for future

Generations help me by your spirit to

live a life that honors you in Jesus

name amen like if you believe in


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