God Can Change Things In An Instant | God Message Today | Daily Message From God

dear listener All Through the Bible we

have examples of how God suddenly showed

himself strong on behalf of his people

but sometimes when we’ve struggled in an

area for a long time it’s easy to just

give up and accept things the way they

are one of the enemy’s favorite lies is

to tell you that nothing is ever going

to change he’ll tell you that you’re

never going to get well that your

marriage isn’t going to work out that

you’re never going to break that

addiction but I want to tell you today

it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been

in those circumstances God can change

things in an instant in a split second

of time he can turn it all around one

touch of God’s power can heal your body

One Touch of his favor can promote you

one touch of his goodness can solve that

problem just one touch from almighty God

can instantly change your life I

encourage you today keep believing keep

standing and keep hoping don’t let the

enemy drag your thoughts down because

God is working behind the scenes your

time is coming and I declare that your

breakthrough is going to happen suddenly

in an instant a prayer for today father

thank you for your faithfulness in my

life thank you for working behind the

scenes on my behalf I trust that my

times are in your hands I know that you

have a good plan for my future so I open

my heart and put my faith and trust

totally in you in Jesus name amen like

if you believe in God


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