I Will Lift You | God Message Today

[Music] my beloved child unseal your heart’s

entrance to the Divine Embrace that awaits you in your Sacred Space where The Whispers of the world grow mute let

my presence be your guiding beam I am here not just as a brief visitor but as

an eternal mate offering a blessing that heals your soul and calms the tumult of

your heart know this in every Dawn and sunset in Every Breath You Take I Am

with You steadfast and firm no force in this world can conquer you or throw you

into Shadow when you tread with me should you stumble my arms are your Refuge I will raise you for you are

bound to me by an everlasting oath behold I have cleansed your innermost

Sanctuary with every breath you inhale feel my spirit renewing every nook of your being my words echo in the

corridors of your mind banishing the remnants of past griefs and guilt you

stand before me washed forgiven reborn Embrace this truth with open arms this

is not to State you are without flaw nor safe from Temptation you are my beloved

child valued yet human the journey ahead is one of continuous effort a dance of

resilience and elegance with me as your unfailing ally accept the calling to

pursue me each day to cherish me with every strand of your being and to y yield yourself wholly to my will in

doing so you will find me ever present a constant force to elevate you to guide

you forward even amidst missteps and Falls remember your essence is not

defined by transgression in your battles against hardships when you find yourself

trapped in life’s Muddy Waters remember they aim to tarnish your spirit yet in

those moments of apparent defeat raise your eyes to me it was I who summoned

you to this fight and it is I who will purify strengthen and absolve you time

and again this is my eternal pledge to you stand solid my child in the presence

of the trials that challenge you your adversaries steeped in Malice lacking

remorse or repentance have stilled their consciences they gaze upon you wrapped

in the mantle of Victory I have lovingly draped over you their hearts boiling with envy and armed with evil intent

Endeavor to strip you of the peace you now enjoy hear my words for they are uttered with Divine

urgency your love for your family your aspirations for their prosperity are known to me you understand that Victory

requires struggle toil and unwavering faith in the vows I have laid before you

great blessings await you and your adversaries recognizing this scheme to derail your path they misjudged you

mistaking your human humility for weakness never anticipating your turn towards me your recognition of Frailty

and sin thus I decree your Redemption your rise your Prosperity the barrier

you face now is not insurmountable it shall not subdue you for I instilling

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