Let Me Fortify Your Spirit | God Message Today

[Music] draw near my beloved child with a heart

filled with trust this day is set for your blessing a Divine meeting for joy to flow over you visualize me lifting

away the shadows of grief that weigh upon your soul the burdens that have long obscured your light sense my hand

tender and strong placed upon your head picture my love a boundless and pure

current flowing directly into your heart I desire for you to know the profound relief that comes from yielding your

fears and burdens into my ever waiting hands let me strengthen your spirit in

the quiet rooms of your heart hear my gentle whisper and eternal reverberation

of my love for you I love you I declare yesterday today and forever more my love

is steady vast as the heavens Timeless and inexhaustible it is my deepest wish

to connect with you to guide you through the trial of this world that can harm so deeply I am here ever presentent ready

to light your path my holy chart is drawn with patience and mercy leading

you towards healing Freedom a life filled with happiness and a renewal of

your spiritual senses come let me take your hand and guide you along the peaceful path of peace and serenity in

your heart let the seeds of deep lasting Joy Sprout and flourish together we will

discard the growing worries that once seemed unconquerable see today I reveal to you

that you have never been forsaken by your heavenly father who holds you so dearly I have come to revive your

destiny trust in me for you are not lost or bewildered you are merely in a season

of mental rest a sacred pause before the dawning of renewed strength and Clarity

my cherished child I do not wish to fill your future with fleeting dreams or unauthorized projects I refuse to let

you lend your ears to those who seek to steal your time and resources luring you away from your dreams to chase theirs

such is not the way of my spiritual realm within your heart I have sown dreams and with my support you shall

achieve and attain them you will overcome Giants and dismantle forces of obscurity but this requires you to dwell

in my presence absorbing the wisdom that will be your guide and strength speed

has no place in this journey it’s not a matter of fleeting emotions or Surface Sensations you have evolved grown in

character and steadiness you have surpassed that former realm through my word I will steer you reveal your steps

and direct your path look for my signs for I will visit you with the morning’s first light bestowing upon you the gift

of sacred wisdom do not let go of these sayings there will be days of joy and

days of grief moment moments of numbness and Times of exuberant leaps yet in this

elevated Divine realm turn to the scriptures nourish yourself with my word

and in times of decision or adversity return to my embrace my holy spirit will

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