dear my word gives you assurance and my promise is solid your Victory is certain

and comes directly from my Throne soon you will receive the rewards for your perseverance the award for your

bravery the recognition for your steadfastness the Crown of Life and endless

blessings I am here to strengthen and steady your legs Quicken your feet and uplift your

soul my goal in being here is to stoke your faith does that spark feel inside

of you declare it out and have faith that you will get them even if you are feeling very tired today be not scared I

am here to support and stabilize you hard as you listen and read your spirit is overflowing with an unbelievable urge

to get up and Chase more winds my beautiful child that’s exactly how I am

I care a lot for my children and it saddens me to see them down and out be

beaten down by thoughts of losing and feeling like they have no hope I don’t want to see you in such

State therefore every night when you shut your eyes and permit me to take charge of your sleep I will visit your

dreams and say nice things to you their bodies are hurting as a

consequence of the heavy things they let linger in their heads you will sleep sweetly like a child again and when

morning comes I will be there stroking your hair and getting your soul ready

for the day so that you may wake up determined to be the finest version of

yourself you will go ahead and leave the past and its Sorrows behind as you

welcome this gift I’m granting you freedom and freeing you from whatever chains and worries you may have

blessings both wonderful and joyful are on their way you will meet nice new individuals

and see the reunion of your family you are redoubling your bravery which you have always had and I am appreciative of

your good intentions your faith and your diligence in trying to turn things

around recall to contact me when you have success and sense my blessings

bringing joy into your life I am bolstering your courage you are

courageous and fearless yet every day you are still my precious child you

should feel my affection hence I want you close to me I will never be able to

forget you I have seen firsthand your tenacity in the face of adversity and

Injustice in life I am aware that you will always have a home I am with you surrounding

you with the truth and my presence so you are never alone at night afraid or

alone I am there and you can sense my presence even if you are unable to see

me your emotions your sobs your cries for help for light for support I am here

for you presence every night when you go to your room to sit by your bed to speak to me in prayer I am right there with

you I never leave your side I am I am always there providing you calm

showering you with my love strengthening you and restoring your faith I watch

over you I am always there you have the strength to face and

overcome the obstacles that every day presents because of me it is me who

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