I am ordering you to that , Propathic word

the angel is saying to you today the

down of prosperity and peace will reach

its peak over you as the Angels swim

golden Pavements you are being reminded

of something important

they are constantly

Rangers into your mind

this is about you two women are trying

to manipulate your close one

and plant doubts in their minds to break

your relationship they are portrayed in

you in a negative light and deceiving

your close ones

to think poorly of you your Envy of your

strong bond of love

has led them to speak ill of you

constantly pushing their agenda the

angels are trying to warn you

about this and have given you several

signs to take heat off the Angels want

you to know that your loved one will not

be saved by anyone

and will confront you about the

situation these women will always stay

close to you

and continue

to Harbor his intention towards you

however their planes will ultimately

fail and the angels will make sure

that Justice is served the table

have turned for these women as they are

hated towards you will backfire they

will no longer be able to carry out

their malicious plane or engaged in any

similar agenda again your loved one is

aware of the strong bond

you both share and the angels will

ensure that these womens do not cause

any disruption in your relationship the

angels will never let their planes

come to fruition and they will be

exposed for their actions their

animosity towards you will hinder their

own lives

and they will not dare to try

and sabotage your relationship again

your loved one understands the

connection you share

and you will never feel discomfort

for this appointment in your

relationship the angels will always keep

your relationship secure

and bless it with infinite love and

admiration you are born will become

stronger and you will rise as a powerful

couple blessings are on their way into

your life and if you believe it type

one one one to claim it

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