How God is Working All Things for Your Good

do you believe in miracles my child do

you believe that I can do anything

anytime anywhere for you do you believe

that I have a plan and a purpose for

your life that is greater than you can

imagine if you do then I have some good

news for you today I am conspiring in

your favor aligning all the elements for

your success I am working behind the

scenes making things happen that you

don’t even see I am setting you up for a

Divine appointment a supernatural

encounter a miraculous breakthrough my

beloved child I am on your side I am

orchestrating everything for your good I

am making a way where there seems to be

no way I am opening doors that no one

can shut I am taking you to places that

you’ve never dreamed of your dreams are

not to beg for me I put those Desires in

your heart I want you to pursue them

with passion and confidence I want you

to live a life of purpose and Destiny I

want you to shine my light and glory in

this dark world I am conspiring in your

favor aligning all the elements for your

success your dreams are manifesting in

miraculous ways give this video a like

to show appreciation you have my power

within you you are more than a conqueror

you can do all things through me who

strengthens you you can overcome any

challenge any obstacle any adversity

that comes your way you can rise above

the mediocrity and Achieve excellence in

every area of your life I love you with

an everlasting love I am your refuge and

and strength your very present help in

trouble I am your shield and Defender

your healer and provider your friend and

father I am always with you always for

you always working on your behalf

nothing can separate you from my love

nothing can stop my plan for your life

you are worthy of all the blessings

coming your way type our man to claim

the blessings you are my child created

in my image and likeness you are

fearfully and wonderfully made you are

valuable and precious in my sight you

are blessed and favored by me you are

destined for greatness and honor you are

a masterpiece a work of art a treasure

in Earth and vessels I doing a new thing

in your life I am renewing your mind

restoring your soul refreshing your

spirit I am changing you from glory to

glory from strength to strength from

Faith to Faith I am preparing you for

the next level the next season the next

dimension of my goodness and Grace I

hear your prayers my friend I know

what’s in your heart I see what you’re

going through I care about every detail

of your life I have not forgotten you

nor forsaken you

I have not delayed my promises nor

denied my blessings I have not

overlooked your needs nor underestimated

your potential I am faithful my friend I

will do what I said I will do I will

finish what I started in you I will

fulfill my purpose for your life I will

answer your prayers according to my will

and timing I will perform miracles on

your behalf that will Amaze you and

Astound you so don’t give up on me my

friend don’t lose hope in my goodness

and mercy don’t do my power and wisdom

don’t limit my ability and creativity

don’t settle for less than my best for

you but trust me with all your heart

lean not on your own understanding

acknowledge me in all your ways and I

will direct your path

I will make crooked places straight I

will make rough places smooth I will

make impossible things possible I will

make all things work together for good I

will make streams in the dessert I will

make roads in the wilderness I will make

mountains into mole Hills I will make

valleys into

mountaintops I will make Beauty out of

Ashes I will make joy out of Sorrow I I

will make peace out of turmoil I will

make Victory out of defeat I will make

you more than enough I will make you a

head and not a tail I will make you

above and not beneath I will make you a

lender and not a borrower I will make

you a blessing and not a curse I will

make you a leader and not a follower I

will make you a giver and not a taker I

will make make you a winner and not a

loser I will make All Things New in your

life so get ready my friend get ready

for my favor get ready for my

breakthroughs get ready for my Miracles

type thank you Lord if you are ready get

ready for my best amen before you go

make sure to subscribe this channel for

more blessings

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