How to Turn Your Failure into Success Prayer for Victory

have you ever felt like a failure have

you ever let a mistake ruin your day

your week or your year if you answered

yes to any of these questions then I

have some good news for you my dear

child I know how it feels to fail I know

how it hurts to make a mistake I know

how it can ruin your day your week or

your year but I also know that failure

is not the end of the world it is not

the end of me it is not the end of you

failure is just a temporary setback it

is just a feedback it is just a lesson

failure is not who I am or who you are

it is what we did and we can always do

better we can always try again we can

always start over failure is not a sign

of weakness it is a sign of Courage it

means that we tried something we took a

risk we step out of our comfort zone we

dared to believe for something bigger

than ourselves we didn’t play it safe we

didn’t settle for the status quo we

didn’t let fear stop us and that’s

something to be proud of that’s

something to celebrate that’s something

to thank God for because every failure

is an opportunity to learn to grow to

improve move to get better every failure

is a stepping stone to our destiny every

failure is a seed for our future success

so let’s not let failure Define us let’s

not let failure discourage us let’s not

let failure defeat us let’s let failure

Inspire us let’s let failure motivate us

let’s let failure Propel us we may have

failed but we’re not fa failures that

was a moment in our lives that was one

season it doesn’t determine our future

let’s not let that mistake Define us

instead let’s let that mistake refine us

let’s let that mistake remind us of who

we are and whose we are let’s let that

mistake release us into a new level of

Faith favor and blessing we are not

failures we are winners we are not

victims we are Victors we are not losers

we are champions we are more than

conquerors through Christ who loves us

we are the head and not the tail we are

above and not beneath we are blessed and

highly favored so let’s shake off the

dust of the past let’s rise up with a

new confidence let’s put on a new

attitude let’s declare declare a new

vision God has great things in store for

us he has plans to prosper us and not to

harm us plans to give us hope and a

future he has Beauty for our ashes joy

for our mourning praise for our despair

he has turned our mourning into dancing

he has taken off our sackcloth and

clothed us with joy he has given us the

oil of gladness instead of mourning and

the Garment of Praise instead of a

spirit of Despair he has made us more

than enough he has made us more than

enough so let’s not let failure Define

us let’s Let It refine us don’t let

failure discourage you let it inspire

you don’t let failure defeat you let it

prepare you you may have failed but

you’re not a failure you are a child of

God God you are a masterpiece you are

amazing you are awesome you are

incredible you are unstoppable you are

victorious type I am Victors in the

comment below to declare let me pray for

you father we thank you for your grace

and mercy that you have shown us in our

failures we thank you that you have not

given up on us that you have given us

another chance to rise up and shine for

your Glory we thank you that you have

not defined Us by our mistakes but you

have refined Us by your love we thank

you that you have not discouraged Us by

our setbacks but you have inspired Us by

your promises we thank you that you have

not defeated Us by our challenges but

you have propelled Us by your power we

ask you to help us to live in the

victory that you have already won for us

on the cross we ask you to help us to

walk in the confidence that you have

already given us through your spirit we

ask you to help us to speak in the faith

that you have already spoken over us

through your word we ask you to help us

to be all that you have created us to be

and to do all that you have called us to

do we ask all these things in the name

of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior amen

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