u are chosen by God to receive this

message because very soon you are about

to shock everyone around

you God doesn’t take pleasure in your

weaknesses and

complaints the things you have thought

might bring you relief and catch God’s

attention aren word will turn your tears


Joy but no this God has heard you your

cries seen your tears and observed

everything happening in your life even

when you feel lost and

helpless God is aware of

you perhaps you have reached a point

where the situation seems beyond your

control and you are crying out in pain


Desperation you have faced failure and

setbacks and it feels like nothing is

changing for the

better but

remember a fall doesn’t have to be the

end it can be an opportunity to rise

stronger than

before you may feel overwhelmed by the

pain now but there is strength within

you to break free from the chains of

Sorrow God is extending a hand to T your

pain into a story of

Triumph you might not fully understand

what God is doing but he orchestrating a

turnaround in your

life he’s rewriting your story and

giving you a new identity that bring

honor and not

shame Hana believed and her tears turned


Joy the woman woman with the issue of

blood knew her situation could change if

she reached out in faith to touch the

ham of Jesus


similarly you too must be intentional

about your life and take a step of faith

for without faith it is impossible to


God whatever challenges you are facing

be it health

issue finan IAL struggles or emotional

turmoil God is saying have faith your

faith is the only key that unlocks God’s

blessings in your

life trust that God rewards all those

who diligently seek

him no matter how long you have suffered

or how deep your pain is God’s presence

is bringing transformation for for you

you will testify of his goodness and

Shout for Joy the torment and despare

that have haunted you will lose their

powers as God works miracles in your

life don’t give into Panic or complaints

instead offer praise and thanksgiving to

God for his turning your situations


those who once doubted you will Marvel

at the change in your

life God is doing a new thing and you

are about to experience a Total

Restoration so R dear child of God and

give thanks to him for your praise

reaches the heavens and brings glory to

God keep holding on to your faith for it

is the force that moves mountains in


life may God bless you

abundantly amen

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