in the past few

days some of the major prophecies that

were mentioned in the Bible have been

fulfilled not only that many prophecies

are about to be fulfilled in the

upcoming days and within the span of the

next to months we are facing

difficult times in which prophecies are


true but many do not realize what is

happening around the world this is

because the devil has blinded their eyes

and blocked their wisdom but You The

Chosen child of God are being commanded

to hear this message completely to the

very end for the devil will try to

distract you from receiving this message

completely don’t let the devil win over

your life and and listen closely

now as you are an aware and alert

believer who is paying attention to the

signs and wonders happening across the

world let me remind you of one of the


prophecies that was fulfilled in May

in a recent

video I told you how flirts in several

Nations will affect humanity and that

the economic system of some of the major

super powerful Nations will

collapse and this is happening now

Brazil China Dubai Saudi Arabia and many

other nations are experiencing flash

floods that are affecting many in the

world including you and me these

affected Nations play an important role

in the global e economy but what I’m

about to share with you is more

dangerous there is one prophecy that was

prophesied more than years ago and

this is now going to happen in your

city what I’m about to share with you is

not to inight fear but to awaken you to

a reality that cannot be ignored we are

living in a time of unprecedent Ed

change and

upheaval our world is script by

uncertainty turmoil and

unrest everywhere we look we see signs

of division strife and conflict

similarly this prophecy is related to

the Third Secret of Fatima the Third

Secret of Fatima is a religious secret

revealed to the three Sheffer children

in Fatima Portugal in

according to the Catholic Church

the three children Lucia des sentos and

her cousins Jinta and Francisco

M reported that the Virgin Mary appeared

to them on several

occasions during these apparitions

Mary reportedly shared three Secrets

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