God Says : WELCOME TO MY HAEVEN | God message jesus | God Tells |

my dearly beloved child from the heights of my Celestial Throne I beckon you to

draw near and step into the Heavenly Abode I have carefully prepared for you since before the dawn of

creation come leave behind the temporal distractions and burdens of this Earthly

realm and enter through the veil into my heavenly dimensions of spirit and truth

it is in this Transcendent place of intimate communion with me that you will find your deepest fulfillment healing

and the Abundant Life I have designed for you to walk in can you not perceive it my beloved there is a whole unseen

reality that extends far beyond your natural senses whole Realms of my kingdom that await for you to explore

and engage with by my spirit from the celestial City whose Brilliance outshines A Thousand Suns to the

innumerable wonders of paradise I am unveiling the fullness of my heavenly Dwelling Places for you to

experience and co- labor with me in no longer be confined and limited by a finite

Earthly perspective but follow me into the expansive boundaries of Eternity where there is no lack no darkness and

no end in my heavenly Abode all the infinite splendors of my

Everlasting Majesty are on full display for you to step into and encounter face to

face the pure piercing Radiance of my glory shines unfiltered and

undimmed Illuminating with blinding Clarity every aspect of my eternal being

here you will encounter the unfathomable depths of my perfect love that has burned with an all consuming desire for

you since before time began waves of liquid affection joy unspeakable and

overwhelming peace that transcends understanding will wash over your being until you are fully immersed and

drenched in the fullness of my spirit this is the place where I am making all things new both within you and all

around you where staggering Revelations of my nature and the profound mystery of

my kingdom plans are unveiled to your spiritual senses without hindrance in

this realm of spirit and truth I will reveal the unique volumes of wisdom I

have coded into your spirit from the foundation of the earth you will encounter the personalized Revelations

of who you are in me and the specific breathtaking Destiny I have ordained and purposed for you to walk in

as my child and air so draw near my beloved and tread upon the Hallowed

Ground of my heavenly Temple which has been set apart for the full outpouring of my glory and spirit for you to

experience Let the River of Life flowing from the throne wash over you in crashing waves of resurrection power

miracles signs and wonders that will transform and heal every area of Brokenness or lack within you drink

deeply of my Living Waters until every fiber of your being is saturated with my overflowing presence and eternal

wholeness abide here continually by the spirit and I will bring forth Bountiful spiritual fruit in your life far beyond

what you could ask or imagine from my Holy Mountain I am summoning you to soar with

me into expanded Realms of authority and commissioned power to impact the Earth for my kingdom yes even as you abide

with me in the Heavenly Realms I will anoint you as an ambassador to bring the realities of Heaven’s culture crashing

into the Earthly realm all around you you will carry an increased measure of my voice and abiding presence to to

liberate the captives heal the broken Comfort the mourners and act as a

flame to ignite the fires of Revival in the hearts of all you encounter so come up higher my child do not settle for

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