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today Lord is communicating with you my

dearest one it’s possible that you’ll be

in this predicament for a while you have

been asking me to help you get out of

that predicament for a long time if

things are still the same don’t worry

instead have faith in me because I have

a plan consider Joseph’s life

story he had to overcome many obstacles

in order to get the benefit I intended

for him despite all those difficulties

he continued to trust me and had faith

that I would always be there for

him despite all those difficulties he

continued to trust me and had faith that

I would always be there for him

similarly you don’t worry about the

circumstance even

if I had placed you in it you will

undoubtedly recognize my goodness in

your life and honor me as a result have

faith in me if positive thoughts are

coming in your life then like this

video the supreme god claims Gio by

faith rather than by sight I will

demonstrate to you my extent of

capability when you put your trust

understand me and take courageous

actions you will never experience the

joy of witnessing me operate through you

if you lead an overly secure

existence I gave you my spirit so that

you could live above and beyond your

physical capabilities for this reason

comparing your energy level to the tasks

ahead of you is incredibly inaccurate

the problem is not your weakness but

rather my boundless might walking in

close proximity to me will enable you to

carry out my plans and my power please

don’t hesitate to accept your from me as

I give it to you freely you receive my

benefits more readily the longer you lie

in my

presence your transformation from glory

to Glory happens gradually in the light

of my love spending time with me allows

you to understand the breadth length

height and depth of my love for you the

relationship I’m offering you sometimes

feels to go to be

true I gave you my entire existence all

you need to do is accept me it seems to

simple to be advise to relax and receive

in a world where taking and working are

the norm believing and receiving go hand

in hand you can receive me and my

benefits abundantly as you put more and

more trust in me relax and recognize

that I am the Divine one day at a time


me this keeps you near me and receptive

to my desire

it is not instinctive to trust

particularly for individuals who have

experienced severe trauma your resident

tutor in this spiritual Endeavor is none

other than my spirit who resides within

you give to his Tender Touch and pay

attention to his prompting put your

faith in me to work for you and Annie

situation keep your focus on my presence

rather than your need to understand you

will be fully dependent on me and I will

provide you all the tools you need to


today tomorrow is preoccupied with its

own concerns avoid becoming entangled in

its Maze of worries one day at a time

trust me learn to risk free from your

situation if you’re prepared typ you ask

and send this video to seven believes in

Lord spending time with me the one who

conquered the world is necessary f

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