God Says : STOP WORRYING | God message jesus | God Tells |

my beloved child let go of the weight of

worries for this burden is not yours to

Bear worrying doesn’t change the future

it only robs you of Peace in the present

instead trust in me with all your heart

surrender all your anxieties to me and

rest assured that I am taking care of

everything when you worry you waste

energy that could be channeled into your

faith your hope your trust in me open

your heart and allow my peace which

surpasses all human understanding to

invade your soul and wrap you in a

mantle of love you fret about what

tomorrow will bring about the challenges

ahead about the seemingly insurmountable

obstacles but for a moment forget that I

your heavenly father am ahead of it all

each sleepless night filled with

tumultuous thoughts only harms you and

won’t solve the problems beyond your

reach know that the universe is under my

guidance and every event no matter how

insignificant it may seem is under my

control entrust the problems beyond your

control to me and all will be resolved

listen to my words and let them sink

deep into your heart stop worrying trust

in me completely surrender to My Loving

Hands and you will experience something

wonderful that I have already prepared

for you when you worry you question my

ability to take care of you you doubt my

Providence and you forget that I am the

god who performs Miracles you worry

about the future about what is yet to

come but I tell you trust in me for the

future is secure in my hands I have

already planned for you to give you a

future and a hope remember my promises

the times I delivered you from danger

the times I comforted you in your

afflictions the times I lifted you up

when you fell I have never forsaken you

and I never will worry is like a shadow

that obscures the light of my presence

in your life let that shadow dissipate

and allow my light to shine in you

Illuminating the path ahead of you dear

child instead of worrying about

situations beyond your control I invite

you to meditate on my word for it is

essential for your spiritual growth in

meditation in your connection with me

you will quiet your mind and find peace

of mind filling yourself with hope that

all will be resolved you will find

answers in every area of your life when

you surrender to meditating on my word

you will find the true source of life

and wisdom you will find guidance

strategies and encouragement to face the

challenges and adversities that may

arise on your path by meditating on my

word you will find pleasure in pleasing

me and be guided to success in all areas

of your life allow me to speak to you

through my word for in it you will find

Abundant Life and the fullness of my

love for you meditating on my word is

more than just reading it is a journey

of deep communion between us it requires

practice and a heart ready to hear my

voice and obey my Commandments in the

beginning it may be necessary to remove

distractions and set aside time alone

with me over time this will become more

natural and you will be able to discern

my voice even in the midst of

tribulations remember meditation is not

just about hearing an audible voice but

about cultivating sensitivity to the

Holy Spirit who resides within you he is

the one who guides you and speaks to you

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