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God’s message today my child have you

ever stopped to think that maybe God is

trying to speak to you

today yes at this very moment he may be

sending a message directly to your heart

a powerful message full of profound

truths that could completely transform


life God has said that he has wonderful

plans for you plans to make you prosper

and have an abundant life but have you

been paying attention to what he has

said God said my child in the vast

Gardens of divine creation where every

soul flourishes Under the Sun of

infinite love compassion emerges like

the vital water that nourishes the roots

of human existence this is a truth that

resounds through the whispering Silence

of the Heavens to be compassionate is to

reflect the essence of God in every

gesture every word and every thought if

you believe say God teach me to see with

the Eyes of My Soul thus when looking at

a world often marked by Despair and pain

where Heavy Hearts walk a path full of

Shadows it is through compassion that a

bridge is formed uniting the Divine with


mundane in this sacred act you are

called to see not only with your eyes

but with your soul perceiving the Divine

in the other however distant it may seem

in the midst of so much noise and Rush

of everyday life Faith is the beacon

that guides us back to God’s shelter it

is the silent certainty that Whispers in

our hearts that no matter how stormy the

journey there is always a hand

outstretched at the top of the highest

waves ready to save us Faith sustains us

lifts us above Earthly tribulations and

paints the sky of our lives with the

colors of Hope comment in you my God I

find strength and refuge true compassion

involves more than noticing the

suffering of others it requires action

an outstretched hand a warm embrace a

word that rekindles the flame of Hope in

A Worn Out Heart It Is Love In Motion it

is the Incarnate prayer that rises up

for those who have fallen and that cries

out for justice and peace faith and

compassion are more than Concepts they

are the wing that God has given us to

fly over the mountains of indifference

and despair they are Divine powers

granted to each of us not to be hoarded

but to be lived to the full to turn

every moment into an opportunity to

demonstrate the greatness of the love

our creator has for all creation write

it down through faith and compassion I


realities this is the essence of the

Divine message for you today to live

compassion and Faith as active truths in

your life not as words that get lost in

the wind but as truths that manifest

themselves in Every Act every choice

every meaningful silence so be a beacon

of love and faith in a world that so

desperately needs light this is a call

for you to free yourself from the bonds

of selfishness and indifference that so

often encase the human Spirit it is an

invitation to live according to the

Divine principles that have been

imprinted on your heart since the

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