God Says, Skip Me Now! And I Am Leaving You For Forever | gods message | DMFY-383

God says if you love me then don’t skip

this video and watch this video till the

very end

Divine forces are reaching out to you

today and in their midst curious souls

are inquiring about your home address as

if weaving there intentions into a

secret tapestry


within this concealed design lies a

delightful scheme to paint your world

with vibrant Hues of love and admiration

a symphony of emotions is posed to

serenade you not just with questions but

with grand plans to ask for your hand in

marriage they Envision an eternity of

intertwined lives with you

God has declared a mission to whisk away

every smidgen of anxiety fear stress and

pain that may have haunted you

and their place he will pour an endless

wave of soothing peace boundless love

rejuvenating healing and an avalanche of


if you believe in God watch this video

Until the End

as August bids farewell prepare to step

into September not as you once were but

as an embodiment of strength a canvas

painted with blessings a force

resonating with power

time will have mended your wounds

leaving you whole and cradled in


get ready for the upcoming quintet of

days ready to overflow with blessings

that will leave you amazed


anticipate doors swinging wide open

revealing unforeseen opportunities

if you’re ready to claim these blessings

type .

prepare to witness the transformation of

your intimate prayers into spectacular

public miracles

even when the universe seems against you

rest assured that the Divine forces are

firmly on your side if you love Jesus

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as the sun rises upon the canvas of your

existence the almighty your Celestial

guy orchestrates a wondrous Symphony of


with purpose he strides into your life

wielding the magic of transformation to

turn your tribulations into triumphs and

your stumbles into soaring rebounds

man if you believe in God and watch our

second Channel if you believe in God the

lake is in Comet section and description

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