Jesus Says: If You Skip Me Today, I Will Leave You Forever | God Message For You Today | Lord Helps

my beloved child I speak to you now with

words of divine wisdom and love hear my

voice as I share these truths with you I

want you to understand the importance of

addressing the problems you face in your

life do not allow them to consume you or

become entangled in your being

instead seek Solutions or release them

from your grip for I have given you the

strength and wisdom to overcome in this

world many are focused on impressing new

acquaintances forgetting those who have

Faithfully stood by their side

but I want you to know that

not everyone is meant to be a permanent

part of your journey some people pass

through your life to teach you valuable

lessons and impart wisdom Embrace these

lessons and cherish the memories for

they shape your growth sadness often

goes unnoticed until it transforms into

anger and then you are unfairly labeled

as the one in the wrong

but I encourage you to embody true

maturity though you may possess the

power to retaliate and bring harm to

those who have wronged you I urge you to

take a different path breathe walk away

and trust that life will take care of

the rest release the burden from your

shoulders and allow my Divine Justice to

Prevail faith and prayer are the

nourishment that sustains your soul dear

one just as the body requires essential

vitamins for health your spirit thrives

on the strength derived from faith and

the communion of prayer without them you

may feel spiritually depleted and

disconnected so Embrace Faith as your

foundation and let your prayers become a

sanctuary where your soul finds Solace

if this message resonates within your

being I invite you to respond with Ammon

in the comments by doing so you open the

door for my Abundant Blessings to flow

into your life

embrace the wisdom I offer and know that

I am always by your side guiding you

towards a life filled with purpose joy

and love may your faith be unwavering

your prayers be a source of comfort and

my divine grace be with you every step

of the way


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