God says : Seeing These, You Certainly Follow My Design

my beloved child as you travel through this life doubts may creep in are you truly on the path intended for you when

storms arise clouding your mind with turmoil my will can be hard to discern but fret not for there are sure signs to

affirm your feet walk the course I’ve set what are these signs you ask an abiding peace transcending circumstance

will fill your spirit when aligned with my will an unquenchable Joy despite raging storms a hunger deepening for my

word my presence compassion welling up even in suffering my work bearing fruit

in you love patience kindness Untold though the enemy assail you his lies

will not Prevail my truth will be your sword and shield first and foremost is an abiding peace that surpasses

understanding a profound sense of tranquility and calm that fills your spirit even When Storms rage

without this unshakable Serenity flows not from external circumstances but from an inner Wellspring of trust in my

constant love love and sovereignty additional signs include an unquenchable joy that persists despite hardships a

deepening hunger for my word and presence and a growing compassion that overtakes you in the face of suffering

my purpose at work in you will also bear fruit evident to all love patience kindness

faithfulness and though the adversary will surely attack you will recognize his lies and claim victory by the blood

of the Lamb so if doubts arise turn your gaze heaven W my perfect peace awaits

you there assuring you that you walk where I lead you can confidently trust that I order your every step according

to my Flawless will be at rest beloved one as you travel the path I have

prepared since before time began the peace I grant you transcends anything this world can provide it stands as

powerful Testament you walk where I’ve decreed this peace uniquely Graces my own who align with my purposes it

anchors and steadies your soul midlife storms when living in harmony with my will Tranquility permeates your being

this is no fleeting emotion or passing state of mind but Bedrock Assurance rooted in knowing your steps unfold

according to my call though surrounded by uncertainty you can rest in this unshakable peace that comes from abiding

in me let it guide you like a lamp illumining your path you need not strive

or struggle to find your way for I go before you always follow me with trusting heart my beloved and my perfect

peace will surround you the peace I give transcends the chaos surrounding you the

storms within though life’s tempests threaten my perfect calm will shelter you when Shadows shroud the path ahead

my peace will light your way Illuminating each step this world cannot grasp such untroubled Serenity uncoupled

from circumstance or others views my peace arises from abiding trust in my love for you my child it sinks roots in

the unshakeable able belief that I your father work tirelessly for your good though the full picture remains veiled

as you surrender your life to my will opening your heart wide I Infuse you with Supernatural peace incomprehensible

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