God Say: Get Set For God’s Best Today

my beloved I wish for you to know that I have summoned you for a special calling in recent times I have been disclosing

myself to you in new ways permitting you to explore the depths of who I am as my

spirit searches the intimate places within you I have guided you to a point where my perfect timing and your purpose

are about to intersect propelling you into your destiny remember those things that bring

you joy and excitement the passions that stir your heart and the top ICS you could Converse about

ceaselessly these are the desires I have planted within you and now I am elevating them to the Forefront of your

life with greater Lucidity as I restore this nation I am initiating with you I have established a

robust foundation in your life and now I will edify you and exalt you to walk

into the most magnificent days you have ever known do not overanalyze Discerning

your purpose or vocation it is not intended to be confusing simply pursue the activities you Delight in doing

whether it is assisting children serving others or uplifting people in the way I am uplifting you as you walk with me and

we become one you will naturally live out the desires I have placed within you

my holy spirit will furnish you with Supernatural gifts through my grace providing you with the tools you require

to serve and Empower others just as I did during my Earthly Ministry I trained up the disciples and apostles filled

them with with the power and fire of my spirit and commissioned them similarly I am purifying and preparing you for your

mission I recognize the journey has not been straightforward yet my hand has always been upon you guiding and

directing you as you UST your ways to me and acknowledge me in all your Pursuits

I cause you to prosper and make your path straight you are nearer to your breakthrough than you comprehend far

from the barrenness and arid lands you once knew every time you praise me Ponder me or pray unceasingly I draw

closer to you like the father of the prodigal son I see you from AAR and run to embrace you clothing you with my

righteousness as I increase the blessings favor and glory in your life go out and perform virtuous deeds in my

name my goodness leads you to repentance prompting you to turn from the ways of the world and draw closer to me arise

and shine for my glory has risen upon you and my story is about to shine through you as you bring glory to my

name here on Earth my kingdom is within you around you and in the community

where I send you I have healed you and now you will go forth with accuracy piercing the darkness your presence will

cause demons to flee and your words will breathe life into dead situations just as Ezekiel prophesied to

the dry bones I’m calling you forth Lazarus to remove your grave clothes and let me unwrap you go and Shine for there

is no more stench of death on you you are glorious and victorious triumphing

in all things through me every good and perfect gift in your life comes from me the father of Heaven I have seated you

in Heavenly places and given you a Heavenly perspective grow in the things of the spirit for your life is no longer

limited to the Physical Realm you will walk in Supernatural abundance healing and the fire of my power causing all who

see you to glorify me remember to relish life for laughter is med to your soul as

you rejoice I’m gathering you to a remnant of people who haven’t bowed their knees to the world or its kingdoms

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