God Says- “OPEN THIS IF YOU TRUST ME”☝️Do You Trust God Completely?

do you trust the Lord your God with all


heart do you trust him only when things

are in your favor or even when things

are not going your

way dear child of God trusting God

should not be dependent on your

situations because he’s not deceptive as

the humans he’s not someone to make

false promises

he is the almighty God the creator of

the entire universe and he Longs nothing

from you but only your faith your trust

and your

love in a world where a trust is often

betrayed where promises are broken like


glass God stands as unshakable


a rock upon which you can anchor your

soul his love for you knows no bounds

his faithfulness endures

forever and his promises are as sure as

the Rising

Sun but let me tell you something very


now dear child of God God’s love for you

is not determined by your circle

circumstances whether you are riding

high on the crest of success or waiting

through the valley of

Despair his love remains constant

unwavering and

unconditional even when the road ahead

seems shrouded in darkness and you can’t

see beyond the

Shadows God is there walking beside you

guiding your steps with his gentle hand

he sees the tears you shed in the day he

sees the tears you shed in the night

also he hears the Silent Cries of your

heart and he whispers fear not for I am


you you see trusting God is not a

passive act it’s an active surrender of

your will your plans and your Des Desir

to the one who holds the universe in his

hands it’s choosing to believe in his

goodness his wisdom and his unfailing

love even when everything around you


otherwise yes the Journey of Faith is

not always easy there will be moments of

Doubt moments of fear moments when the

storms threaten to engulf you but in

those those moments remember this God is

faithful he has promised never to leave

you nor forsake you and he will uphold

that promise until the end of

time so dear child of God lift up your

eyes to the hills for your help comes

from the Lord the maker of heaven and

Earth in any situation never forget that

Lord help

so trust him with all your Hur lean not

on your own understanding and

acknowledge Him in all your

ways may you never fail in trusting the

Lord your God with all your heart amen

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