you were seeking a sign from God and

here it

is God has called you an

urgency because the upcoming week is

filled with so much chaos in your

life and if you won’t pay attention to

the knowledge shared ahead in this

video you may become a victim to the

spreading chaos

loss before I start this Revelation and

this Godly message let me tell you that

recently Bishop Mary Mary

Emmanuel the bishop of Christ the good

shefer church got attacked by the

enemies of

Christianity and the

humanity but by the grace of God he


miraculously and the World got another

chance to see Miracle of Jesus

Christ after this incident and his

recovery he shared a message to the

world this is what the bishop shth and

his recent

video this is Bishop Mari Emanuel

addressing our beloved faithfuls whoever

you are and wherever you are we need to

understand that we need to be always

thankful F to our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ of Nazareth for whatever trials

and tribulations we go through we are

carrying the cross let us not forget

that at all the Lord Jesus said to us if

you do not carry your cross every day

and follow me you are not worthy to be

my disciple we thank the Lord Jesus for

what took place in the last couple of

days I’m doing fine recovering very

quickly we thank the Lord Jesus so there

is no need to be worried or concerned

and the Peace of advice to all our

beloved faithfuls I need you to act

Christlike the Lord Jesus never taught

us to fight to retaliate or to seek

revenge the Lord Jesus never said to us

an eye for an eye and a tooth for a

tooth the Lord Jesus said never return

evil with evil but return evil with good

for this is our Master our teacher our

leader and our Good Shepherd who leads

us to Green Pastures and Still Waters so

my beloveds I want you to always be calm

we are Christians and we need to act

like it love never fails Corinthians

Love Never Fails whatever has

happened to me personally I thank the

Lord Jesus it’s a huge blessing for me I

forgive Whoever has done this act and I

say to him you’re my son I love you and

I will always pray for you and whoever

sent you to do this I forgive them as

well in Jesus’s mighty name I have

nothing in my heart heart but love for

everyone whether that person is a

Christian or not that’s totally beside

the point the Lord Jesus always taught

us to love one another love God and love

your neighbor as yourself whoever that

neighbor is we need to love them and

respect them as we love and respect

ourselves so I have forgiven them I

praying for them and for this young man

I say to you you’re my son and you’ll

always be in my prayers may the Lord

Jesus forgive you may the Lord Jesus

bless you and show you the way my dear

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