God Says : Move Forward With Strength

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amen my beloved child I see you standing at the crossroads of Life feeling

overwhelmed and unsure of the path that lies ahead the weight of the world seems heavy upon your shoulders and you might

feel tempted to stand still to remain in the comfort of what is known but I tell you now is the time to

keep moving forward trust in me and I will guide your steps in this journey of

life challenges and obstacles are inevitable they may come in the form of personal struggles external

circumstances or even the inner battles of your mind but remember these challenges are

not meant to break you they are opportunities for growth for strengthening your faith and for

deepening your Reliance on me when you face difficulties do not be

disheartened instead see them as stepping stones each one bringing you

closer to the purpose I have for you consider the story of the Israelites my

chosen people as they journeyed through the Wilderness they faced countless trials

from the scarcity of food and water to the formidable enemies that sought to destroy them yet through it all I was

with them guiding them with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of Fire by

Night their Journey was long and arduous but it was a necessary path to the

promised land likewise your journey may be filled with trials but I am with with

you guiding you towards the promises I have for your life when you feel weary

and burdened come to me and I will give you rest Let My Words Be a lamp unto your

feet and a light unto your path in The Quiet Moments of prayer and reflection

you will find the strength and courage to take the next step no matter how small it may seem trust that I am

working all things together for your good even when you cannot see the full picture picture my child do not be

afraid of the unknown fear is a tool of the enemy designed to paralyze you and

keep you from fulfilling your destiny but I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind

when you feel fear creeping in stand firm in your faith and declare my promises over your

life remember that I am greater than any challenge you may face with me all

things are possible embrace the process of growth and transformation just as a seed must be

buried in the soil and endure the darkness before it can Sprout and flourish so must you go through seasons

of hiddenness and struggle before you can fully Bloom do not despise these seasons for

they are preparing you for the Abundant Life I have promised in the midst of your trials I

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