If Skip Me, Now I’ll Leave You | God Message Today For You

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved Child come close

and listen as I speak tenderly to you I

see the burdens you carry the trials

that sweep fiercely through your life

but now I say to you Rise Up From the

Ashes of Despair for your time of

trembling is done stand tall

for the shackles that once bound you

shall bind you no more I am breaking

their grip and the lies spoken over you

fade into distant

Echoes losing all power as my voice

resounds within today I declare that

your transformation Begins the old

passes away and the new awaits

breathlessly for too long your light has

been muted by

uncertainty your calling quieted by

questions and doubts but no more type

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people so that God can help you this day

I am leading you out of the Wilderness

of lack into Destiny’s promise you were

formed to reflect me crafted to shine

mediocrity and lack were never my design

but the enemy has tried desperately to

dim the light within you child you were

created for so much more than survival’s

fraying edges woven into the very Fab of

your being are seeds of greatness just

waiting for liberation’s

rain now the time of germination has

come what I birth in you now shall grow

cascading an influence and abundance if

you’ll allow my Showers of blessing lift

your eyes the landscape of your reality


Shifting the dry and Dusty dreams of

your past are Awakening trembling with

expectancy before my throne of

grace a change in the spiritual climate

over you has already already come

evolving you into all I planned when I

first whispered your name do not fear


transformation though it may bring

discomfort and uncertainty my perception

of you stretches far beyond the limits

determined by the enemy my vision

eclipses all he tagged as

impossible inside your heart perhaps

this transformation brings confusion but

do not fear for this new name fits

perfectly upon you this startling New

Vision is the truest one

returning home to all I created you for

will feel sweeter than honey on the

tongue yes more unfamiliar than the

language of a foreign land but in time

you’ll learn fluency in this calling

meant for you

alone confusion will surely drown as the

judgments of people blind to this

Awakening inside you won’t understand if

you want God’s grace always upon you

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because this message took us a a lot of

efforts but what I am birthing within

your spirit now the dreams and desires I

have newly placed upon your heart bear

no resemblance to the small plans they

understand pay no heed to those who try

to force you back into the confines of

the past my thoughts toward you now are

woven with Destiny and Delight my hands

tingle with excitement over the

remarkable plans I have prepared for you

they stretch vastly beyond what closed

minds could ever dream but they will

still try to squeeze you small

minimizing all I call you into so do not

bow anymore to their skepticism nor

allow their doubts to become yours as I

fuse you now with confidence you will

find standing fully and my vision comes

naturally as breath to your body step

forward without hesitation into all I am

leading silencing the voice of

self-doubt you may feel ill equipped

untried untrained but as you step

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