God Says: I Don’t Want To Punish You My Child | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

my beloved child I’m your treasure there

is nothing you can see hear or touch

that is worth as much as I am being able

to know me is the greatest treasure out

there riches on Earth are often kept

secret insured worried over or hoarded

to keep them safe you can’t lose steal

or damage the wealth you have in me

though in fact because I am infinite the

more you share me with others the more

of me you get there’s always more of me

to love and learn about there may be a

lot of things in your world that are

trying to get your attention a lot of

things big and small get in the way of

fully enjoying my presence you might

feel worried and upset about a number of

things but there is really only one

thing that will do you pick something

that can never be taken away from you

when you make me that one thing enjoy

how close I am all the time and let let

knowing me put everything else in

perspective I am the treasure that can

make any moment better you can stand

firm on high places because I give you

feet like a deer’s I gave deer the

amazing ability to easily climb steep

mountains and stand securely on edge of

high Cliffs if you trust me you can be

sure that you can move forward and make

progress even when things are hard

expensive or painful remember that you

live in a world where your spiritual

enemies are always attacking you need to

stay alert and ready for battle in

contrast to Warriors who have servants

help them put on their armor you must

diligently do it yourself every day no

matter what when you’ve done everything

you can I want you to be able to stand

your ground say that you trust me and

believe that I am with you and helping

you in the middle of the battle even if

it seems like you’re losing don’t give

up hold on tight to my hand and keep

standing this is a real win everything

in your life past present and future is

lit up by the light of my presence I’ve

loved you since the beginning of time

even before the world was made you’re

never by yourself look for me all the

time like you’re looking for a treasure

chest try to see me through everything

that is going on in your life don’t let

it get in the way of your view of me

sometimes I show up in big beautiful

ways and other times I do it in quiet

humble ways that only you can understand

ask me to open your eyes and heart so

you can see all of the messages I’m

sending you hey loved one as you go

through today remember to look for the

light of my presence in your life don’t

just think about your responsibilities

and worries about the outside world

include me in every part of your day by

broadening your view you will find me if

you really look for me no matter where

you go I will be with you and keep an

eye on you you are are feeling both

excited and nervous about the exciting

Journey that lies ahead of you you’re

looking forward to this new adventure

and hope to find many blessings along

the way but you’re also a little scared

about leaving your comfortable routine

life behind when you’re having anxious

thoughts remind yourself that I will

always be watching over you no matter

where you are I promise that being with

you will always make you feel better

practicing my presence every day is the

best way to get ready for the journey


Jesus is with me and taking care of me

tell yourself often picture yourself

walking with my hand in yours you can

count on me as your guide to show you

the way don’t worry about getting lost I

have a great sense of direction take it

easy in my presence and enjoy the Wonder

of telling me about your whole life

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