says my

child I know you get busy with your

daily life

Shu I know sometimes it becomes so hard

for you to make time for

me but my child I always look for your

company where you can feel my love for

you where you can rest your worries and


my love for you is unwavering and

eternal and I’m always here waiting for

you with open

arms in the midst of your hectic life

remember that I your refuge and your

strength an Ever present help in times


trouble when you find yourself

overwhelmed and exhausted

take a moment to pause and seek

me in The Quiet Moments of prayer and

reflection you will find peace and

Rejuvenation do not let the business of

Life draw you away from

me make time to connect with me to feel

my presence and hear my

voice in those moments of connection

you will find Clarity and

purpose I am the wine and you are the

branches remain in me and you will bear

much fruit apart from

me you can do

nothing remember my child that your

worth is not measured by your

achievements or

possessions but by my unconditional love


you embrace your identity as my beloved

child and let that knowledge fill you

with confidence and

joy in times of joy and in times of

Sorrow remember that I am with

you celebrate your success with

gratitude knowing that all good things

come from

me and your moments of

Despair lean on me for comfort and

strength for I am the good shepher who

lays down his life for his

sheep I will never leave you nor forsake

you my child let my love be your Guiding

Light share that love with others and be

a Beacon of Hope and compassion in the


as you go about your daily life Let My

Love Shine through your actions and My

Words Be Kind be patient be forgiving

and be

loving in doing so you will reflect my

love to those around you and make a

difference in their

lives always remember that you are love

Beyond measures so no matter how busy

your life gets take time to nurture your

relationship with

me seek me first and all other things

will fall into

place I am your creator your savior and


friend I’m with you always to the very

end o

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