Congratulations!!! God is saying your wait is over! You will get…

hey there don’t skip this message

because God has something important to

tell you make sure you read till the

end God wants you to keep worshiping him

he is with you even when the pain feels

too much to

handle imagine him holding you tight

through the tough

times he will never fail you God knows

exactly what others have done to you

every tear you’ve shed he has kept close

to his heart he sees your pain and he

plans to turn it into something

amazing remember this is not the

end it’s actually the beginning of


wonderful God makes everything beautiful

in its own time so hang in there keep

believing and

worshiping great things are coming your

way today God is telling telling someone

that the obstacles are

gone he has cleared a path for you this

news is going to stir someone’s heart

the Lord has

intervened the path is

open the obstacles are

gone the enemy’s plans are

defeated the fight is done you can relax

now you can put down your weapons and

kneel before God in worship because he

has made a way get ready to see

everything you’ve been hoping for and

even more than that I see Abundant

Blessings coming like heavy

rain I see blessings overflowing I see

Heaven wide

open you might see things that look like

ruins but it’s actually the start of

something beautiful and

new God is letting old bridges burn to

make space for new

ones the battles you face are proof that

this is your special

season when unexpected endings happen

it’s just making room for New

Beginnings something wonderful is about

to happen in your

life I know it’s tough and uncomfortable

but everything is about to get

better God is restoring you in amazing

ways if you believe in God like this

message tonight I pray that God does

something something personal for you if

you’re thinking about giving up I pray

you give it one more

push I pray that God gives you the

strength to believe in his promises

again because you are so much closer to

a breakthrough than you

think keep your hope

alive great things are just around the

corner just when you thought it was all

over just when you thought your hopes

were gone God is breathing new life into

what seemed dead

promises that looked lost are coming

back to

life the path is clear now you can start

praising him because soon you’ll

experience how faithful Our Father truly

is God gave me a message invisible

Miracles don’t trust what you see with

your eyes trust in what the Lord has


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