d has not given up on you yet don’t

give up on

yourself for many Supernatural things

are coming into your


sometimes life throws us curveballs that

makes us feel like there is no way

out the enemy Whisperers lies telling us

we are stuck that there is no hope

but here is the

truth there is always a way

out as Believers in Jesus Christ we know

that he is the way in John


declares I am the way even when we

cannot see the path

ahead he is the way maker he he is the

one who opens doors and clears the path


us you might be feeling weary today

maybe you have been battling a health

issue struggling in a relationship or

facing Financial challenges for what

seems like

forever you used to believe things would

get better but now you may be worned out

doubting if it will never

happen but let me remind you God hasn’t

give up on

you he is still faithful to his

promises he has your healing your

breakthrough your promotion and the

right people lined up for

you now it’s your turn to do your

part it’s time to reclaim your passion

and tap into the God’s

strength don’t let weariness and

discouragement take hold of you the

enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard

if he didn’t see you getting closer to

Victory instead of giving it to in

despar declare throughout your

day thank you lot for renewing my

strength thank you for giving me the

courage to soar like an eagle thank you

for making me strong in

you yes the battle might be taking

longer than

expected but right now strength is

flowing into you hope is rising within

you God is infusing you with fresh


determination and

vision you will not be wor

you will not

faint so don’t give up

yourself my giving up you are

essentially saying

that God isn’t powerful enough to change


situation always remember there is no

one Beyond God’s ability to transform


life God can change anyone including you

you so keep pressing on keep believing

keep trusting in his

promises your breakthrough is on the

horizon and victory is Within Reach hold

on to hope for God is faithful and he

will make a way where there seems to be


way may God bless you and fulfill all


desires type amen now

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