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God tells

you my cherished child I actually have

in no way left you on my own I actually

have constantly been right

here may be now and again you sense like

I’m some distance away but this is

handiest due to the fact you do not

select me all the time I am continually

right here by using your aspect trust me

I love you

to concur comments to

tutu today is your day God has a miracle

along with your name on it God has a

Leap Forward for your State of

Affairs if you can simplist see what is

happening behind the scenes you will

dance and shot and provide God all the

glory and increase the Lord is

supernaturally transferring for your

existence I love

you God goes to shock you with the

advantages and breakthroughs God is

going to do fairly abundantly

specifically you can ask or

suppose nothing approximately your life

will stay The Identical everything

you’ve been praying for is coming don’t

give up trust me I love

you if you concur Ander amen

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