[Music] my dear Child open your heart’s gateway

to me today inviting me into the very core of your being let the radiance of

my presence illuminate every look every hidden space within you allow my holy

blessing to flow unhindered into your life a blessing that restores your deepest wounds and brings peace to your

restless Soul yesterday I cleansed your home clearing away every trace of

imperfection I infused each room with the ear of life my words echoing through the halls of

your mind sweeping away the remnants of pain and past afflictions you stand purified absolved

and whole I do not ask for your flawlessness nor do I expect you to

avoid every allurement after all you are my beloved creation flawlessly

imperfect the journey ahead is filled with challenges but take my hand commit

to seeking me in every moment love me with every strand of your being and lay your life in my hands in every step

every trip know I am there ever present to raise you to guide you forward with

unfailing love in the depths of your struggles amidst the battles you face I

see the virtue of your intentions you do not willingly grasp sin yet in the fierce battle with your

adversaries they may and snare you dragging you through the mud delighting in the sight of your momentary defeat

they ridicule attempting to spoil the Brilliance of your spirit with the stains of failure but remember it is to

me your eyes must gaze I have placed you in this battle and it is by my decree

that you shall emerge purified invigorated and absolved once again your

journey requires stability and unyielding Soul against the onslaughts that life presents your foes devoid of

light and Verity Delight in darkness they are remorseless their hearts

hardened their conscience is insensitive to the virtues of compassion and repentance they desire the Divine

protection I have bestowed upon you the mantle of victory that guards you in

their jealousy they wield their malice like weapons aiming to shatter the peace and confidence you found in my hold hear

my voice my child and understand the magnitude of my words your love for your

family anchors your resolve fueling your desire to see them flourish alongside you you recognize the necessity of

diligence of work intertwined with unwavering faith in the promises I have laid before you your blessings will be

numerous a testament to the faith you’ve adhered to even as adversaries sought to derail your path they underestimated you

perceived you as fragile never foreseeing your resolve to to seek my face to admit your vulnerabilities and

your transgressions thus I have chosen to absolve you to elevate you from the bog

and to bestow upon you a fortune that transcends material wealth my presence

accompanies you daily fortifying you against those who dare to challenge or belittle you no force can conquer or

overpower you and should you stumble it is I who will restore you to your feet

for my promise is unbreakable this assurance reaches Beyond you enveloping your family your

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