ARE YOU LISTEN ME | God’s Message Now

[Music] my beloved child trust in me and find

solace in my protective arms I am the designer of your destiny gently guiding

you through life’s Voyage let your heart be buoyant for I am your steadfast Shield your unyielding Sentinel

constantly by your side with each morning as you welcome the day may you feel my loving presence surrounding you

let not the world’s noise distract you as Sunrise breaks approach and absorb my

teachings listen closely to the calm assurances of my spirit affirming my

Supreme hand over your life fear no challenge for under my Vigilant eye you

are beyond the reach of harm the concerns that obscure your thoughts are on the verge of unfolding into Clarity

believe that in my perfect plan Solutions will appear and the answers you desire will find their way to you as

you communicate with me know that I am carefully shaping your journey managing

each chapter with Heavenly foresight the blessings for which you eagerly pray are already on their path

to you doors being flung wide open I am here to strengthen your faith to raise

and lead you into a refreshed existence a rebirth where all will be changed

ignore the judgments of others stride with your head held high living a life of faith and dignity let not the

jealousy of others tarnish your spirit concentrate solely on my view of you for

in my eyes you are extraordinary blessed with a heart of Purity and sincerity

etch my words deep into your heart When The World Turns against you find refuge

in my boundless love through every conflict and struggle you’ve encountered I’ve remained resolutely at your side

I’ve observed each stumble every hindrance every Triumph and the complete breath of your struggles yet now it’s

time for your rise for raising your existence to new levels let go of past

disputes and embark on a new chapter of Victory and renewal this is the moment at which I redefine your story marking

the beginning of a rejuvenated narrative for you let me guide you down a road

filled with blessings and enlightened understanding I offer to you my love and

my peace providing your spirit and mind peaceful Solace will you accept only

through me can you escape from your tribulations only I can deliver Aid amidst the battles you face by opening

your heart’s door to me you will witness wonders unfold and discover resolutions

to your plight your choice to turn to me in your moment of demand is praiseworthy however I desire more than

just your occasional attention I seek to be the summit of your affections for you

to adore me with all all your strength with every fiber of your being your soul

and your mind commit yourself to me this day and experience the profound

life-altering impact of my presence within you you felt the longing the void

in your existence that craves fulfillment welcome me into your heart and watch the transformation that

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