Embrace The Peace I Offer | God message jesus | God Tells |

my beloved child grasp my hand and let the joy I bring fill your lungs with

eyes closed find Tranquility in the sound of my voice except the truth I

inscribe directly onto your heart remember the challenges you face now are

fleeting the pain and turmoil that clawed your spirit will soon fade away

you seek a miracle in this moment of calm maintain your faith for I am here

to fulfill all the Wonders you need the Shadows around you will dissipate Purge

your mind of worry as your Shepherd you shall want for nothing your table will

be bountiful your stores plentiful and your home filled with joy you won’t

awaken burdened as if chains of stone bind your feet

your spirit will soar freely unencumbered as you navigate life’s journey I will clear your vision so you

can see and appreciate the bright future waiting for you as we walk together hold tightly to my hand I will support you

through every hardship should you face new towering obstacles do not be afraid for I am your

Shield your advisor your guardian in the dark and your light during the day your

Everlasting father your leading voice I cherish you even if it’s hard

for you to believe you’ve endured much and your heart is so scarred it

hesitates to trust in love again you want to believe yet doubts

whisper loudly shaking your faith and clashing against the confines of your thoughts but now let go of that

struggle embrace the peace I offer open your heart to me allow me to come in

with my light and break those harsh uncertainties casting them far away into the ocean’s depths think about this

you’ve witnessed my presence in your life more times than you can count even

if you sometimes forget your worries Cloud your vision

you’re eager to know the future and your anxious thoughts bury those memories under layers of

Gloom but today I’m here to awaken those wonderful feelings that have been lying

asleep sleep inside you I bring Vitality back to your being drawing out those

dreams that seem old and forgotten I rekindle the youthful energy within

you don’t worry about your age it doesn’t matter to me I see a Perpetual

spiritual Beauty in you Untouched by the passing of time or the weight of years I

cherish you I look after you and I offer you a protection unparalleled remember I’m beyond human

comprehension I have no start or end I’m consistent through all time yesterday

today and forever my love for you was set in place

from the world’s creation I sought you out when you stumbled I gave you new life and I’ve

lifted you from dark depths even if you fall seven times I will lift you a

thousand so do you need further proof of my love and might in these crucial times my

spirit responds to Every Soul that reaches out to me in their need Embrace

This Promise of renewed life imbue yourself with the hope that

reinvigorate I touch your heart mend it and revive its delicate and extraordinary

receptiveness indeed from today onward you’ll shed No More Tears of sorrow or

distress your tears will transform into streams of Joy cascading down your face

celebrating the profound emotions that fill your heart you will cry in

gratitude when you recall my deeds and witness all I will accomplish for you and your loved ones your tears will fall

as you notice the subtle blessings in your life all set in place by my

design the friend who reaches out the opening of of New Paths the reunion with

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