My Love For You Is Eternal |God message jesus | God Tells |

my dear I’m with you at all times listening to every word you speak and feeling each pulse of your heart you

felt the pinch in your finances watched his Prosperity seemed to slip away day by day yet I assure you the phase of

struggle is diminishing the time of difficulty and scarcity is nearly over with a new chap

ready to unfold in your life stand up rejuvenated in spirit and faith and

affirm the arrival of restoration and prosperity declare with conviction that blessings are on the horizon abundance

is starting to flow and my peace which transcends all understanding is settling

within you don’t lose hope but let your heart be filled with it keep your eyes

on me and hold on to my promise that I’ll never leave you or abandon

you even when obstacles seem too big to overcome and crises feel overwhelming

continue to have faith remember nothing is too hard for me and my power is

Limitless to change your situation and heal every aspect of your life believe

that the difficult times of lack and trouble are fading away and a new chapter of blessings and prosperity is

beginning for you Embrace This Promise and trust that even in hard times I’m

acting on your behalf to bring you good things and abundance don’t let fear or doubt freeze

you in your tracks open up your heart and mind to belief and start to

confidently Proclaim that good things and blessings are on their way shut your

eyes and picture the wealth and blessings that are coming by doing this

you’ll see my power at work transform ing your circumstances faster than you

could [Music] imagine my child even when you’re

surrounded by uncertainty and challenges hold on to the certainty that My Love Won’t Let You falter and my support is

always enough to sustain you understand that each difficulty you

face is a chance to grow stronger in your faith in me don’t be afraid to take on the faith

Journey I’ve laid out for you I’m always with you guiding and supporting you with

my powerful hand keep in mind that faith can move

mountains and when you trust in me there’s no limit to what we can achieve together in your

life stand up with bravery and purpose confident that my intentions for you are

filled with hope and prosperity speak out with faith and assurance that blessings will come in

abundance and prosper Prosperity will fill every aspect of your life approach each day with hope and

thankfulness knowing that I am your refuge and solid strength even in the midst of

turmoil believe that the tough times you’re facing are only momentary while

my love for you lasts forever hold on to your faith and trust in my steadfastness because even during hard

times I am on your side working to improve your situation and fix your

financial strength struggles so cling to my love and mercy and live knowing that your financial

health will be rejuvenated your debts settled and your worries lightened from now on let there be no

trace of lack in your household not for you your children or their offspring I promise to shower you with

plenty and meet every one of your needs remember it’s during the tough times

that my light shines the brightest and in my presence there’s no space for lack

or hardship thus open your heart to Hope and proceed with obedience and loyalty

have faith that I will never let you down and your life will stand as a witness to my incredible

Provisions my dear one accept this message with joy and thankfulness in

your heart state with assurance that your finances will bounce back your

debts will be cleared and success will follow all your endeavors

for you are my beloved child and I desire to see you walking in the fullness of my

blessings I only ask that you keep your heart open to my voice and direction do

not worry about tomorrow or fear what may stand in your way keep your Gaze on

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