my beloved child do not simply scroll

past this moment for I have a message

tailored just for

you listen closely for in these words

you will find Solace and strength when

life’s burdens weigh heavily upon you

remember I am here I see every tear that

falls and each one is precious to me

collected in my bottle held close to my

heart though the pain May seem

unbearable know that I am with you

through every trial I will not abandon

you I will never

fail you even when you feel surrounded

by Darkness I am the light that guides

your path trust in me for I Am The

Anchor in the storm the Steady Hand that

lifts you up your worship even in the

midst of hardship is a sweet fragrance

to my ears it connects your heart to

mine forging a bond that cannot be

broken today hear my voice speaking

directly to your soul do not cease in

your worship for in it you find strength

the challenges you face are not the end

of your story but the beginning of

something wondrous that I am preparing

for you as you watch and listen let your

heart be open to my presence I speak not

only through these words but through the

quiet whisper in your your spirit

receive my love my child and let it

sustain you through every trial I am

here and I will never leave you my

beloved there are seasons in your life

where the old must give way to the new I

am orchestrating a Divine exchange where

what has been lost or broken will be

restored Beyond Your Wildest Dream

consider to this the bridges that are

burning around you are not signs of

Destruction but of preparation I am

clearing the path before you making room

for the new beginnings I have promised

the Warfare you are encountering is

evidence that you are on the verge of

breakthrough do not be disheartened by

the endings you are witnessing for they

are making space for my miraculous work

in your life what seems like a setback

is actually a set up for a Divine

comeback trust in my timing for I am

preparing to unveil something wonderful

in your midst know this dear one I am in

the business of restoration the promises

I have spoken over your life are not

empty they are bursting forth with life

and vitality watch as I Breathe new life

into dead places resurrecting dreams and

aspirations that you thought were

lost Rejoice for I restoring you

like never before the wounds of the past

are being healed the chains that once

bound you are falling away my grace is

sufficient for you and my power is made

perfect in your

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