my brothers and sisters in Christ in our

lives there are times when we feel

abandoned by

God we cry out in our Darkest Hours

questioning why he allows us to suffer

despite our please for his

Mercy we wonder why we must endure such

hardships and where God is amidst of


isn’t it

true but let us remember dear friends

that God has our love our faith and

trust in him during these difficult

times true love and faith are not proven

in moments of joy and prosperity but in

the trials and tribulations we

face it’s easy for people people to

claim their love and loyalty during good

times when everything is going

well however genuine love and faith are

revealed when we are in the depths of

Despair consider the wisdom of parents

who warn their children about the

dangers of Bad

Company when the child disregards this

advice and faces the consequences

it is not the so-called friends who come

to their a but the loving and concerned

parents this illustrates that true love

stands by us when we are at our lowest

not when we are

thriving James –

says consider it po Joy my brothers and


whenever you face Trials of many

kinds because you know that testing of

your faith reduces

perseverance let perseverance finish its

work so that you may be mature and

complete not lacking

anything similarly God’s love for us was

demonstrated through the suffering and

sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the

cross in our own lives our faith and

love for God are tested through the

trials we

face when we encounter life’s


presence whether they are bad habits

personal failures or moments of deep

sorrow we must hold fast to our

faith it’s one thing to profess a love

for God in words it’s another to show it

through our actions especially when it

is the most

challenging so just as Jesus love was

proven through his suffering our love

for him is proven when we remain

steadfast in faith during our hardest of

times I pray may we find strength and

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