oday my dearly loved child I want to urge you to search inside and listen to me allowing my message to truly touch

your heart life may provide you with trials that put your faith which was

previously Burning Brightly within you to the test my hope is that you will be

able to overcome these problems and keep your faith now is the moment to step

back into the Light Of Hope to nourish your soul with my promise in truth even when you walk away from it I want your

faith to shine with love and passion and I want you to always treasure your spirit Zeal and the desire to live I

have lovingly given you these gifts through difficult times you do not need

to be afraid because I am always with you I will lead you assist you in

overcoming problems defend what you dream about and support you in achieving your objectives

life may be difficult but keep in mind that I have already triumphed over the

most difficult portions and I want you to have a life that is full of happiness I want your

life to be full of wins and blessings I don’t want you to know defeat also I want you to remember the

things that you’ve heard because as you get happier and more fortunate there will be individuals who will become

envious of you and wish for your demise you should know that I boost up

individuals I care about even if it may draw negativity from other people they

may not enjoy seeing the pleasure and faith in those I bless however you

should not be scared because as long as you follow my Direction no one can

actually damage you life is like that sometimes what I’m looking for is your

heart and for you to stay focused on my lessons your dedication means to me you

turn to me in good times and also I’m not asking for Perfection I recognize that you are

human and that you could make mistakes what I’m looking for is your

heart when things are difficult you should reach out to others and keep moving ahead pray with tears from your

heart for your tears plant many seeds whether the sun shines or the rain pours

you should keep going without stopping because I will C Cal the storms and the waves for you you will discover that

this Faith becomes a strong instrument that dispels evil conquers your weaknesses and provides you with Comfort

I want you to resolve your issues and take care of your worries but what I want more than anything else is to see

you continually loving and seeking me I want you to make me the priority in

every element of your life before you leave your home drop your head for a few

seconds devote your plans and all of your Affairs to me pray for your family

and say words of encouragement I

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