Have Faith In My Love

my beloved you are always enveloped in my boundless love it never ends it’s

with you every moment no matter where you are in your joy or in your sorrow whether you’re near or far my love knows

no limits I’m here Arms Wide Open waiting for you I want you to know beyond any

doubt that my love for you is undeniable and everlasting I will never reject you

or feel embarrassed by you I’ve moved mountains and endured trials blending my

love and sorrow to secure your place in my heart forever no one can take this love away from you nothing can separate

us so don’t be afraid I disregard those who falsely accuse you spreading lies

about mistakes you haven’t made or flaws you don’t have I pay no attention to their deceitful words for they only push

themselves further from the love that could save them as for you don’t let

them trouble you they walk their own path and will face the consequences of

their actions Your Role is to embrace the love and kindness I’m giving you right now live your life fully with joy

and gratitude accept the compassion I’m pouring into you today don’t wait for

tomorrow draw closer to me and let my Divine love fill every part of your life

embrace it cherish it share it dream about it and speak of it often and whenever you pray remember these three

things be thankful be even more thankful and then thanks some more for the infinite

love I shower upon you through my grace let’s ignite a wave of positivity leave

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lives comment using the word amen after you hear these Divine messages you are

incredibly special handpicked and deeply cherished by me with a love that never fades I’m Your Guardian always watching

over you and your family I bless and prosper everything you do embrace the

warmth of my love and rest in the sacred Haven that envelops you you are anointed

with holy oil that heals rejuvenates empowers and revives your Forgotten

Dreams infusing fresh energy into your weary Soul you don’t need to wander in

loneliness or cling to harmful habits and negativity when you feel alone

remember I am here loving you and I’m affirming that love right now reach out

to me this moment and feel a renewed life flowing within you filled with dreams and aspirations with me by your

side you lack nothing every blessing you receive flows from my heavenly Kingdom I

am the source of your joy and the one who showers abundance upon your life from above so when the skies are gray or

plans go arai remember you have a choice there’s ‘s no need to dwell in isolation

or sadness simply lift your hands to the heavens and give thanks for the joy and

peace I am about to pour into your life your happiness is here with me take this

step of faith and smile even when it seems you have no reason to Rejoice rise

and fight the Battle of Faith even when times are darkest keep fighting for your

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