10 Signs you have the holy spirit????God Message Today

my little lamb I have been with you from the beginning and I am delighted to see you

here today seeking to know me more deeply the Holy Spirit whom I have sent

is at work within you guiding and comforting you on your journey today I want to reassure you of

my presence and reveal to you the signs that show my spirit is alive and active in your

life first Hunger for my word when you find yourself drawn to my word

experiencing a deep hunger and thirst for it know that this is my spirit at work within

you the Bible which once seemed distant or difficult now comes alive speaking

directly to your heart this is because I am Illuminating the scriptures for you giving you

greater understanding and insight let this hunger lead you closer

to me as my word nourish es your soul and guides you in all areas of your

life second conviction of sin my spirit brings a deep conviction

over sin not to condemn you but to draw you closer to me this conviction is a sign of my love

urging you to turn away from anything that separates you from my presence when you feel this sorrow for

your sins come to me in Repentance and I will forgive you and and restore

you this process is a continual journey of transformation making you more like

my son third love for others the love you feel for others

especially those who are difficult to love is a testament to my spirit within

you this love transcends human limitations enabling you to show Grace

compassion and forgiveness as you love others you reflect my heart

and become a living example of my love in this world fourth boldness in sharing your

faith the courage you feel to share your faith to speak of my love and truth is a

gift from my spirit like the disciples at Pentecost who were transformed from Fear to

boldness so too are you empowered to be a witness for me do not be afraid for I am with you

giving you the words to say and the strength to stand firm fifth peace and

adversity the peace you experience even in the midst of Trials is my peace given

by the holy spirit this peace is beyond human understanding grounding you in my love

and faithfulness no matter what you face know that I am with you providing

comfort and assurance sixth desire for

worship the longing you have to worship me to express your love and gratitude is

my spirit drawing you into deeper intimacy whether in song prayer or Quiet

Moments of adoration your worship is a sweet offering to me continue to seek my presence for in

worship you will find joy and strength seventh sensitivity to my

leading as you grow in your relationship with me you will become more attuned to

the gentle promptings of my spirit this sensitivity is a sign of

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