Reasons Why God Wake You Up at 3AM

my little lamb I am delighted that you have come to seek my presence and I have something

very special to share with you when you find yourself waking up at

in the morning know that it is not a mere coincidence this moment is a Divine

invitation for me to draw you closer to speak to your heart and to share my love

and Guidance with you in the quiet Stillness of the night away from the

busyness and distractions of your day my voice can be heard more

clearly just as I called to Young Samuel in the night I am calling to you

now listen my child for I have many things to reveal to

you at this hour I am guiding you to seek my direction just as a gentle whisper can

be heard more clearly in the absence of noise my voice can often be discerned

with greater clarity when the world around you is still open your heart to me and let me

lead you onto the path I have set before you trust that I know the plans I have

for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a

future I may also be prompting you to intercede for others there are those who need your

prayers who need someone to lift them up to me as you pray for your loved ones your

friends or even strangers know that I’m working through your prayers to bring

healing comfort and breakthrough into their lives your prayers are powerful and they

reach my heart sometimes waking you at this hour is my way of calling you to engage in

spiritual warfare remember the battle is not against flesh and blood but against the

spiritual forces of evil I have given you the full armor of God

to stand firm against the enemy schemes use this time to pray fervently

to claim victory in my name and to stand strong in your faith there are moments when I wake you

to bring you into a time of repentance in these quiet hours my

spirit May convict you of areas in your life that need change do not be afraid to come before

me with a tried heart confess your sins and I will be

faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness repentance opens the

door for a deeper more intimate relationship with me other times I wake you to draw you

into Worship in the Stillness of the night let your heart overflow with gratitude

and praise sing to me meditate on my word and let my pray presence fill you with

peace and joy these moments of worship are precious to me and they strengthen the

bond between us when I wake you at a.m. I also

want to reveal something profound to you from my word open your Bible with expectancy and

allow my spirit to illuminate your understanding I desire to give you

insights and Revelations that will guide you and Empower you for the journey ahead

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