?God Message For You Today??| “Be Still and Know that I Am God…✋| God’s Blessings

God is saying to you today a massive

blessing is right around the corner for

you you made the decision to raise your

frequency and step into your higher

potential you let go of the bad habits

that were holding you back and now your

soul is clear you are seeing the path

ahead from an elevated

Consciousness your clear mind pure heart

and dedicated soul is aligning big

blessings it all starts from above As

Above So Below type

if you trust in God today’s message

for you it will all work out in your

favor all you can control is how you

respond to the current situation at hand

there will always be circumstances

outside of your control when you

consciously choose to respond to these

external circumstances rather than react

you become the architect of your reality

rather than a pawn in someone else’s

when you consciously move through the

desire to emotionally react and step

into a space of conscious response you

are on the path to Mastery you are being

led to something greater your life is

going to get much better than it already

is have faith through all the highs and

lows of life if it were easy it wouldn’t

be worth having the challenges God’s

Source provides you with are

articulately designed to help you

manifest a greater version of yourself

when you become a better version of

yourself your entire reality upgrades

AES this is why it is critical for you

to see challenges as

blessings type I embody love to affirm

today’s God message for you nothing in

this world can stop you from manifesting

your dreams it is written in your

destiny to reach your full potential you

hold the key to unlocking the life of

your dreams

imagine yourself already in possession

of your ideal life your energy is

extraordinarily precious don’t waste one

bit of your energy worrying about how it

will all

unfold when you relinquish the control

of your future to Faith Miracles

unfold every day you have a limited

bandwidth of mental energy that you can

choose to pour into your dreams or your

distractions do your absolute best to

dedicate the majority of this energy to

belief in your abilities you are capable

of greatness type

if you believe this do not let

anything get in the way of manifesting

the highest version of yourself you came

to this earth to experience life to the

fullest you did not come here to live an

average existence to barely get by you

came here to

thrive greatness is in your DNA no

matter the obstacle you will make it to

a beautiful

destination make sure you enjoy the

views along the climb to the top of the

mountain celebrate the winds in your

life your angels are smiling down on you

the inner work you are doing is felt

keep shining your light everything that

is meant for you will arrive in Divine

timing give thanks for the present type

I embrace my power to affirm God message

for you today whatever you need to

achieve the highest version of yourself

and to obtain the next level of reality

will manifest for you in Divine timing

pray for the help you need ask and ye

shall receive as long as the reality you

seek to manifest harms no one God’s

Source will swing open doors that seem

locked do not seek to force change upon

the external environment without

internal change Focus your energy on

changing yourself right now you are

learning to fall in love with the


the Miracles of Life happen when you

least expect them you let go of trying

to control your future you surrendered

to the unknown and miraculous events are

taking place leading you towards a

higher calling the moment you surrender

and accept the unknown is the moment the

universe will perform a miracle Express

deep gratitude for where you are trust

that it will all work out type this too

shall pass to affirm God had bigger

plans for you sometimes the life you had

planned has to fall apart in order to

make space for the greater plan that is

your destiny you are learning to

celebrate New Beginnings and the closing

of certain chapters in your life instead

of trying to force relationships or

opportunity ities you are learning to

accept them for what they really are

surround yourself by the people that

love you just as much as you love them

type if you are ready today’s

message for you it is your time to shine

now is the time to step fully into a new

transformation start those good habits

you’ve been thinking about start that

new workout plan start start reading the

book you’ve told yourself you would

read now is the time to go all in on

your goals and

dreams God’s source is working in your

favor with full

force you are meant to impact the world

in a big way here is your reminder that

you are loved and you are a

superpower soon you will look back back

on all the struggles and the challenges

with deep gratitude with the knowledge

of why you needed to go through these

things in order to reach the

destination you asked source for a

better reality know that you are being

crafted into the person you need to

become in order to attract this reality

you dream of the most powerful thing you

can do is meet each day with a positive

attitude and give thanks for what you

face type N if you agree this

today’s message for me the stars are

aligning in your favor your time is

coming have patience and stick to the

path of getting a little bit better

every single day every thought word and

action matters

your present moment is creating your


reality you chose to cut out

distractions and take the leap to level

up you aren’t afraid of what other

people think of you you are walking

stepbystep along the path that God’s

source is calling you to the intuition

you developed is sharp and is a Guiding

Light for you to make the best possible

decisions every moment that you make the

right decisions to improve yourself and

do the inner work your intuition gets

sharper with this light you will

prosper type to affirm

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