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Prophet Jesus is a messenger sent by

Allah to warn people Prophet Jesus the

prophet of Allah’s religion is one of

the greatest prophets although the

religion he brought is fundamentally

similar to Islam the Christian people

later modified it for their own

interests this Noble Prophet was

rewarded by Allah with Miracles the

miracle began with the birth of prophet

Jesus Prophet Jesus miraculous reward

before even being born was a man born

into the world world without a father

Prophet Mary the mother of prophet Jesus

gave birth to Jesus in the year zero for

this reason the birth of prophet Jesus

is considered the beginning of the

Common Era this event occurred as

follows one day Gabriel appeared before

Prophet Mary in the form of a human

Prophet Mary not having seen Gabriel in

human form before said I seek Refuge

from you in the merciful if you should

be fearing Allah

Gabriel responded I am only a messenger

of your Lord to give you news of a pure

boy at this Prophet Mary questioned how

can I have a son when no man has touched

me and I have not been


unchaste is easy for me and we will make

him a sign to the people and a mercy

from us and it is a matter decreed after

this conversation Prophet Mary became

pregnant and withdrew to a distant place

away from people when the Pains of

childbirth began Prophet Mary leaned

against a date palm tree the pains were

so intense that she wished for death at

that moment a voice was heard from

beneath the tree do not grieve your lord

has provided beneath you a stream and

Shake toward you the trunk of this palm

tree it will drop upon you ripe fresh

dates so eat and drink and be contented

after drinking the water the birth pangs

of Mary suddenly ceased and the birth of

huz Jesus took place then the angel said

I have vowed not to speak to people

today upon this Mary returned to her

village where the majority were Jews

carrying Prophet Jesus In Her

Arms however when the Jews in the

village saw Mary with a child they

slandered her with accusations of

impropriety and

unchastity in response Mary pointed to

the baby in her arms and miraculously

the Infant Jesus began to speak indeed I

am the servant of Allah he has given me

the scripture and made me a prophet and

he has made me blessed wherever I am and

has enjoined upon me prayer and zaka as

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