Your INTUITION is Picking Up On Something. You were Right

stop have you ever had that gut feeling you just couldn’t shake well let me tell

you your intuition is % spot on about your feelings but wait there’s a Twist

you didn’t see coming there’s so much more beneath the surface that you haven’t uncovered yet stick around

because what I’m about to reveal will change everything you thought you knew before moving forward affirm your belief

in God by commenting yes keep in mind our resistance is influenced by what we

receive but the true meaning of life lies in what we give a humble $

contribution can offer sustenance for a child for several days are you ready

what I’m sensing is that this person has been hiding their feelings they’re concealing their emotions as a way to

protect their heart they have a fear of being heartbroken and abandoned for who they truly are it seems like they have

deep wounds related to feeling rejected for their true self these wounds might stem from childhood when they were

naturally spontaneous open and expressive they may have felt rejected

during those early years leading them to turn away from being so open and vulnerable their biggest desire now is

to feel free and expressive to be their true self and to be loved approved of

and accepted for who they truly are they want to be liberated in expressing their heart to you what I’m seeing is that

you’ve been deeply introspective trying to understand how this person feels about you you might have been watching

tarot readings like you are now or pulling tarot cards for yourself this is

your way of tapping into your intuition you’ve been very dedicated to this process and spirit is affirming that you

are very gifted in your intuition and psychic abilities there is a powerful

psychic and telepathic bond between you and this person spirit is saying that

you already know the answers you’re watching tarot readings or pulling tarot cards to affirm what you already sense

because you resonate with readings that reflect your own insights this shows that you truly do have the answers

within you whatever resonates is your truth spirit is affirming that your

intuition about this person’s feelings is accurate you are dedicated to uncovering the truth and your vision is

clear this person knows that you can see right through them which makes them feel nervous and self-conscious in your

presence they feel this fight flight or freeze response as a way to protect

themselves but let’s dive deeper for some of you this message might be shockingly accurate let’s delve into how

they truly feel to confirm this for you they are terrified that you’re moving on from them they fear you discovering how

much they want love and desire you because they’re scar scared of being abandoned or rejected they worry about

you walking away and turning your back on them this fear is why they’re protecting themselves shielding their

heart from potential heartbreak and the possibility of looking foolish if they reveal their true feelings they’re

holding their cards close to their chest but I sense they’re also dedicated to trying to let their guard down and let

you into their heart they can’t bear this longing they yearn for you deeply

but they’re turning their back trying to hide it because they fear it’s unrequited love that you don’t feel the


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