The final night…

today the universe Whispers a secret to

you it’s time to step

forward each step you take will turn

rough patches into sparkling

moments you’re on the brink of receiving

a shower of blessings think of it as the

universe giving you a high

five however there’s a little yellow

light flashing a warning watch your

back when you interact with others

whether they are friends family or

colleagues you expect them to be

straight with

you but sometimes not everyone is


Fair the universe is giving you a heads

up that some folks might not be showing

their true

colors it’s like this in the crowd of


faces there are a few who might wear

masks they act like they’re on your side

but they might just be waiting for a

chance to pull the rug out from under

you don’t let this make you paranoid

it’s just a bit of cosmic advice to keep

your eyes

open the universe’s tip for you is to

trust your

instincts stick to what feels right and

true to you and you’ll be able to spot

the fakes keep your head up and your


sharp being careful doesn’t mean being

scared it means being

smart by staying alert and listening to

that little voice inside you you’ll find

it easier to tell who’s genuine and

who’s not navigate with care keep your

trust in check and you’ll walk through

life not just safely but also

wisely today the universe has a special

reminder for you about the people you

choose to keep close in your life

surround yourself with those who uplift

you not those who weigh you

down but what should you do when you

suspect someone might not be the person

they present themselves to be

here’s a thoughtful plan to help you

navigate these tricky

Waters first and foremost always trust


instincts if something about someone’s

Behavior feels off don’t just Overlook

it pay close attention to discrepancies

between their words and

actions does their behavior change

depending on the situation or when they

think you aren’t

looking such signs might indicate that

their intentions aren’t as pure as they

seem if you’re ever uncertain about


sincerity it’s entirely acceptable to

seek Clarity by asking questions or

expressing your concerns

directly genuine friends will understand

your need for honesty and will not shy

away from providing

reassurance if someone’s presence

consistently makes you uncomfortable it

could be a signal to reconsider their

role in your

life it’s important to periodically step

back and assess whether a relationship

is beneficial or

harmful establishing clear boundaries is

essential in any healthy

relationship if someone repeatedly

crosses the line or makes you feel

disrespected communicate your boundaries

firmly true friends will respect these

boundaries and appreciate your

honesty n

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