People Shocked To Find Puppies Dumped In A Box At The Apartment Complex

In the stillness of the night, a mysterious and heartwarming surprise left residents of North Carolina in awe and disbelief. 

Imagine hearing the sound of a soft whimper only to discover a box brimming with adorable furry babies. 

That is exactly what happened when someone found a cardboard box full of puppies abandoned at the apartment complex. 

They immediately contacted the Raleigh Police Department… 

A Box Full Of Cuteness

“Raleigh PD called and said, ‘I’ve found this box of puppies. Can the rescue take them in?” And we said, ‘Yes!’ We kinda jumped into action,” a representative for Hope Animal Rescue in Durham, NC, told The Dodo.

The rescue staff was immediately on their way to pick up the puppies and welcome yet another litter of babies into their HAR pack. 

When they arrived at the scene, the police officer was already there. They made sure that the puppies were OK. 

There were six beautiful puppies dumped in a box, literally on top of each other. 

“We were trying to pull the little runt from the bottom, because she was underneath all of her brothers and sisters,” the rescue said.  

Having shown love and affection to all of the puppies for a few minutes, they were already on the way to the director’s home to warm them up.

Although still very small, everybody seemed to be in good health. They all had all of their paws and toes and were safe. 

“Our sweet little ‘box’ litter is doing so well! These babies are teeny tiny and oh-so-adorable. They have the cutest little puppy bellies and they’ve already mastered the art of creating a puppy pile,” Hope Animal Rescue wrote in their Facebook post. 

‘Box’ Litter Finding Homes

The puppies went to three different fosters. Each set of twins went to a different foster home because taking care of six puppies at the same time is a lot of work. 

Once they settled in their foster homes, they also started to show their true colors. 

“The runt – she was definitely a little bit more shy at first. The black and tan ones, they were pretty spunky and ready to go,” the rescue said.  

So many families wanted to give these puppies a perfect home. 

“Usually a litter with a story like that will generate a good deal of interest. So it was good to see some of these great families, came out and met them, and adopted them,” the rescue said.  

Thankfully, all six of the ‘box’ litter puppies found their forever homes within two weeks of each other. 

Saving a litter of six puppies at once is not easy at all, but seeing them grow up into happy and healthy dogs after all they had been through is an amazing feeling.   

It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of the rescue staff and volunteers. It’s also a reminder of the importance of rescuing animals in need of forever homes.

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