No one took your stand when the judge made a…

my dear listener today God has something

special to share with

you in the great story of Life each of

our stories is important and today God

wants to remind you that your story is


going you are loved seen and deeply


for God’s light is shining brightly on

you bringing a message made just for

you think back to a time when judgment

was passed on you

five women and a man held the scales of

justice but no one spoke up for

you it might have felt like you were

walking alone through a dark

tunnel hearing the judge’s gavel Echo a

decision that seemed

final but here’s something wonderful

God’s court is

different God is inviting you to a new

kind of trial in Heaven’s Court where

the judge is not only fair but also full

of kindness

even though those five people at your

first trial didn’t stand by you God sees

more than just what’s on the

surface his kindness is like a vast

ocean that covers every mistake and


misstep your past with all its flaws is

well known to him so take a deep breath

and let God’s kindness clean the

Slate imagine standing in the Heavenly

Court not as someone accused but as a

cherished child of the

universe this is your chance for a fresh

start the judge looks deep into your

soul seeing every tear and every silent

struggle but you are met with kindness


blame here your mistakes turn into

lessons for growing

stronger and your pains become stories

of how tough you

are this is a moment to feel God’s

understanding and love where you’re seen

for who you truly

are type this I ask for God’s mercy and

accept this Cosmic retrial saying these

words isn’t just making a statement it’s

like reaching out to a higher power that

watches over

everything as you type imagine the heavy

feeling of being judged lifting off your

shoulders you’re not trapped by feelings

of guilt or shame

anymore the mercy you’re asking for or

is like a soothing cream that heals all

wounds even those you can’t

see in the world above forgiveness isn’t

just saying it’s okay it means breaking

free from the heavy chains that hold

your spirit

down the five women and the man at your

first trial couldn’t see beyond human

limits but the Divine judge sees

everything his forgiveness is like a big

warm hug that stretches across time and


it’s an open door to a life filled with

freedom and Second

Chances type I accept the freedom of

forgiveness to show you’re ready for

this Divine

gift this is more than just words it’s

you choosing to let go of the

past this Freedom isn’t just a one-time

thing it’s the beginning of a journey

where you discover more about yourself


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