My Spirit Watches Over You

my beloved child in the gentle Whispers

of the morning and the soft Silence of

the night I speak to you my Holy Spirit

breathes life into your soul Whispering

words of healing

love know that day by day I am here

feeding your spirit with the truth that

liberates and calls you forth into the

fullness of your

identity rise Victorious over every

challenge for you are truly mine my

Brave One my Valiant

warrior with each step you take I am

with you infusing your heart with

courage and fortifying your arms for the


ahead your cries do not go unheard nor

do your tears fall unnoticed you seek me

with a purity and sincerity that moves

my heart and I assure you my responses

are Swift and filled with

love your Sorrows will be met with

comfort and your peaceful spirit will

soon gaze upon my

face there is no need to wait for heaven

to experience my glory you are an heir

to my kingdom right where you are and

through your faith and Fidelity

miraculous wonders will

unfold I promise to sustain you with the

finest of Wheat and the sweetest of

divine honey always providing abundantly

beyond your

requests keep moving forward do not

hesitate above Abundant Blessings are on

their path to you go forth and meet them


Readiness your prayers and your Valor

have not gone unnoticed and because of

this you shall be immensely

blessed cherish this life I have given

you I am cheering you on never look

back continue to pray work with

integrity and offer me your heart and

loyalty seek my presence and everything

you need shall follow

remember to listen to my voice daily it

is vital open your heart wide and I will

fill it with unshakable Faith and Hope

you face challenges every day and the

adversary seeks to weaken your faith and

crush your spirit but remember no force

is greater than my love for you the

enemy schemes will always fail his

attempts to harm you will come to

not I see who you truly are Beyond The

Mask the world has forced upon

you you are not the negative labels they


ascribed when you opened your heart to

me I rejoiced and celebrated your

rebirth love yourself courageously face

each challenge with determination and

stay true to my

teachings do not forget my Commandments

but also remember that I am your

father I embraced you with love when you

were lost and now even more eagerly I

wait for you with open

arms if you are ready to leave behind

your mistakes forgiveness is yours and

your past will be

forgotten trust in me with the heart of

a child innocent and full of trust

knowing that I am always here to care

for and fulfill your deepest

needs offer me your faith my

child it is the greatest gift you can

give when you close your eyes and place

your faith in me me know that my words

inspired by an Endless Love are penned

just for you they are delivered with a

tenderness that wraps around your heart

a Sola

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